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  1. parkeeee

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    I have been in the lawn care business for 32 years working for a large park system. Plan on starting up a business of my own soon. I have no idea on how to estimate jobs. Only plan on cutting grass, trimming and blowing off walks/driveways at this time. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. ed2hess

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    Call someone to get an estimate on your own lawn. Then let them cut it and see how long it takes. Then based on that you can see how much to charge for similar size yard.
  3. McClain

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    What Is The Deal No One Is Helping By Telling Someone To Get Your Own Yard Mowed.

    The Way I Do It Is If It Is A Easy Job I Charge 0.03 Cents A Sq Yrd
    If You Have 48 Yrds X 48 Yrds =2304 Sq Yrds At 0.03 Cents That Is Right $70 If You Have To Weed Eat Go With 0.04 Cents A Sq Yrd. If Its Alot Of Trash And Weed Control Then Jack It Up.

    This Is In South Dallas Tx And Commercial *not Residential*
  4. Az Gardener

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    Consider what you want/need to make per hour. If you are using small equipment 21" etc. Probably 30-40$ per man hour will pay the bills. If you are doing bigger properties and purchasing big equipment you can double that. Thats probably the answer you are looking for. You really should figure out your costs and and estimate how long your equipment is going to last what maintenance costs will be etc. Do some math and come up with your own pricing. Your long experience in the industry should give you a leg up on estimating the time needed to complete the tasks. Use the search feature and you will find some more detailed methods of figuring costs. Check "what do you track" and you will find more info than you need if you can stand to read through the whole thing. Just curious, why start your own thing after 32 years?
  5. parkeeee

    parkeeee LawnSite Member
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    I can retire with pension and paid health insurance. Have always loved cutting grass, even like the smell. This will give my wife and I some extra spending money and could even turn into something very big.

    PMLAWN LawnSite Gold Member
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    You are luckier than most starting out as you should have some idea how long things take. Figure out what it will cost to do business for an hour. decide what you want to pay yourself. figure what profit margin your business will make . Add this all up and decide how long something will take. Total cost X's hours= price.
  7. Wells

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    Simple formula (Sq Ft. times .005 cents)
    Example: 6000 sq ft (x) .005 = $30

    For commercial properties I use .004 cents.
  8. Agriscape2006

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    I also use .003 cent per square foot up to 13,000 sqft and then I jump up to .005 but thats only because I dont have the equipment to do larger properties. Just play with those some numbers and call around I know some guys feel prices are some kind of trade secret but see if they will help you out theres plenty of work for everyone.
  9. nobagger

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    Yeah but what an easy way to see what your competition is mowing
  10. daveintoledo

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    if you do a search on charging by the sqrft, you will find the general consensous is that its not the profitable way to estimate a lawn...

    figuring your cost vs the profit margin you need, compared to the going rate in your area....

    seeing what the going price is in an area is a great tool for determining cost...prices are different all around the country, and even within a state they are a formula that works for you,,,, will not work for someone else

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