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  1. adam underwood

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    when you guys give a client an you meet with them and have them go over what they want done? or do you write them out a slip and leave it in the mailbox?
  2. two_planks

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    I only leave it in the mailbox if absolutely neccasary. I can't stress how important face to face contact is. The only time I'll just leave a note is when its a client that I already have a strong relationship with. With these types of clients I know that I'll be the one getting the work and they already know what to expect from me, its usually just a matter of making sure they can afford to have it done. I will still always follow up with a phone call that same day too.
  3. Rex Mann

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    I always meet face-to-face with them because that is how you sell face-to-face. If they want me to come over and take a look and leave a price I decline. I decline by saying:

    Me: "sounds like you shopping for the lowest price"

    Them:"we know what we want can you give us a price"

    Me: "if your willing to invest your time in meeting me then I am happy to invest my time in providing you with a free estimate"

    Them: "lets just forget it"

    Me: "thank you for the phone call"

    What do you get if you read between the lines?

    My experiences tell me I have a person with no set budget, who is shopping for the lowest price, who does not value my time as a professional within my industry.

    I have saved my self anywhere from 1-2 hours of my time just by "weeding" them out over the phone.




    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    Face to face is the best way, but keep in mind what service they want. Just a regular mowing customer, I don't stress over it. A large mulch/hedge/landscaping job, you'll be way better off to meet with them to go over exactly what they want. As mentioned above, anyone who "refuses" to meet face to face is usually just price shopping. Although there are some people who are just too busy to meet. Just have to feel out each situation and use your intuition.
  5. Team Gopher

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    I agree, face to face. This gives them a chance to meet you and see how responsive you are to their needs.

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