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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by tamadrummer, Oct 6, 2007.

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    When you go to do an estimation and the customer accepts the bid. Before you start the first mow, I am thinking that it would be a good idea to have the customer start the irrigation system and make sure that all heads are functional (no blame on me for their deficient system) Inspect screened enclosures and somehow flag all tears and and other problems with the outside so as to mitigate claims right off the bat.

    Is this typical operational standards or do most just jump on the mower and go to work? I don't know if it would set a level of professionalism with the customer or set them on the defense because you are checking the house over?

    Opinions and experience stories would be great.

  2. shane mapes

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    what i do is look around and if i see dry spots , or the lawn just doesn't look right i will ask them to check it with me to see if any problems are here before i start to provide service. it is best to take a few minutes in the beginning and look and tell the customer what you think . you get a better start that way. but this is always easy to say to do , but how many of us exactly do what we preach good luck
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    We survey the yard for any head that is sticking up and could be clipped by the mower or trimmer. Keep in mind that sometimes the head will stick up after watering and if you hit fix it.
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    No, well yes, but...

    I find it is an even better idea to walk the entire yard as part of the estimating process, that gives you a heads up and lets the customer know ahead of time that you give a rat's ... Now I would go ahead and do it anyhow, I don't think it will look bad from the customer's side of things so long it gets done, but I myself like to do the walk-through right off the bat, save us all some headache.


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