Ethanol and 2 strokes

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JKUCSMA, Aug 7, 2008.


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    Would adding Seafoam to our fuel help with this problem?

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    Not sure on that,thing that scares me most is with the lean mixtures50/1-80/1,Ethanol leans it further,poof engine fried.We have a couple stations around that still sell pure gas,I think marathon also does,not sure if their around where your at.
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    Skimmed the article. Some truth I suppose (with small engines), but a fair degree of baloney in that article too.

    Ethanol is not going away. E20 mandate here in MN within a few years. Maybe the manufacturers of small engines need to EQUIP them to handle current fuel???! Everyones blaming ethanol (food prices going up, what a joke, the price of oil/transportation is driving up some food prices), but lets stop the blame and move forward away from foreign oil, WHICH IS THE PROBLEM.

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    Fyi Only,How do you burn 20% in your cars or trucks,when the max is 10% I think.Ethanol will never be the answer,it still pollutes the air,20% less mileage,and most older cars can't use it anyway,IMHO
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    I am not surprised by the claims made in the article.
    Newer equipment should be "ethanol proof" shortly is it is not already.
    You can expect rubber lines, seals and O-ring to deteriorate quickly on older equipment
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    Here in the NE a buddy told me about this stuff called K100 Fuel Treatment. Helps with the ethanol issues, not only that it also encapulates any moisture.
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    Well , well, well. I figured it wouldn't take long for ethanol to have problems and the gasoline companies knew it wouldn't last. You know how you can tell the gasoline companies knew? Because they weren't getting into the refining portion of this stuff. They didn't want to invest a dime in something that had a limited lifespan.
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    So I guess you'll be the first to inform them about how to defeat the chemical property of ethanol that prevents 2 cycle oil from mixing with it and also how to keep it from washing the oil and other lubricants from the cylinders and other points of the engines that require lubrication?

    Ethanol is a corrosive degreaser and will never play nice with oil/gas mixed engines. So if you want the manufactures to start doing something, you better be ready to carry around a 18 pound string trimmer and remember to never turn it on its side to edge with it.
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    I love how I (and some others here) get attacked for promoting a homegrown fuel source. Yes, I am from the Corn Belt (disclaimer). Small engines were designed to run on pure foreign oil gas right? So, re-design to accomodate alternative fuel - humans have the uncanny ability to do these sorts of things if they want to (or have to). You guys keep supporting foreign oil - I am all for homegrown fuel and am not saying corn ethanol is the end-all, but a darn, darn good start. :usflag:

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