Ethanol and sunoco 110

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jhall2, Apr 29, 2010.

  1. jhall2

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    I live in the greater atlanta area of georgia, where we are forced to buy 10% ethanol mixed gasoline. I know a lot of equipment manufactures ask that you not run this in the units that you purchase from them but I have no choice, other than running my mower, trimmers.etc with sunoco 110 racing fuel at almost $7 a gallon. Thoughts? experience? any truth to the matter? I guess i could drive to alabama and fill out a barrel...haha.
  2. topsites

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    I did it for a while myself, they sell 109.5 leaded down at the station near our race track...

    I did some reading up on this stuff, it appears racing fuel isn't actually gasoline,
    I found most of this via Google, they say it's made up of mostly additives.

    So what I used to do is get a gallon of the stuff...
    Then dump like a pint in every 5 gallon container.

    Cheapest "seafoam" I ever bought.

    I eventually quit doing it, not sure if it ever did much good thou I don't think much
    harm came of it either, and I think it was kind of fun while it lasted.
  3. rustyj

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    I have one station here that has ethanol free gas
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  4. Richard Martin

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    Just use the ethanol gas. Mid grade or better. I've been doing it ever since they did away with MTBE.
  5. Merkava_4

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    I'm thinking it must be the diaphragms in the carburetors
    that are effected by ethanol; I can't think of anything else.
  6. White Gardens

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    It eats on any rubber lines too.

    For the two cylce equipment you have, go to a good synthetic two cylce oil to help that end. You could also put a few drops in the fuel tank of your mower too if it makes you feel better.

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