Ethanol free fuel cost

Discussion in 'Alternative Fuel Forum' started by sven1277, Nov 29, 2012.

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    Sure why don't u do the test described earlier for your own. take a empty coke can flip it up side down,pour etho sheild in, rub will find it eats the ink up which i believe is carbon based. put a few drops of water in it and light on fire, u will notice the water not boiling but vaporizing with solution.Also check flame will be clean all willburn. then try the same thing with sea foam and star tron but make sure to stand back. Not a salesman. master tech and lpg specialist. Just wanting to view some of the things people believe and don't believe about fuels,oils, additives, ect.
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    Ok so again I will ask, how does adding this to gasoline remove the ethanol?
  3. CL&T

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    So how does that get rid of ethanol?
  4. DR J

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    You got me in a corner and ya'll are correct will not get rid of ethonal, but will keep the gas and ethanol bonded.encapsulating water thus not allowing phase separation which is what is killing motors. Hope additives will help with the e 15 coming down the pipeline. have not been able to find non etho gas here yet, unless u get the av gas. This is the best solution we have found here getting four to five plus years out of 2 cycle.
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    Hey Dr. J,
    You play basketball? Bet you're magic there, too!:cool2:
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    Sorry, Wrong color tone sport.
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    "Encapsulating" water is what ethanol does. Ever heard of dry gas? Thing is we don't want gas and encapsulated water to burn in an engine. Ethanol attracts water. Get rid of ethanol and you get rid of the water along with the other problems that ethanol causes like corrosion and damage to rubber parts. I would assume that the only way to separate ethanol from gasoline is to distill it but I don't know how that will effect some of the other desirable components.
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    You are so right I go out of way and pay more for gas that has no ethanol.
  9. Tn Turf

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    I paid $3.89/gallon last week for 87 oct.

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