ethanol-going up to 15%.....

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by supercuts, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. supercuts

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    bad news, not sure if its across the board or just for us suckers in CT, but ethanol is head up to 15% soon. here we go again, hand helds will be crapping out left and right. I heard this from a ford rep at my lemon law hearing today. I was very happy to hear him say Ford will be advertising it fuel mileage rating and below it the same rating due to the ethanol. if people realized how much more fuel it takes to run your car perhaps the outrage would make it to Washington and something would be done.
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    I got a leaf blower recently from a friend. He had stored it for a year with gas in it. The lines were totally rotted out. I literally dumped the fuel out and out came the lines and filters.

    I know you aren't supposed to store them at all with gas in them, but I wonder if it was worse because of the 10% ethanol in the gas.
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    I live near the lake and there are stations that carry non ethanol fuel. If you do use it add some "Star Blue " to it. I store all my equipment during the winter with fuel in them. I add stabil to it and make sure it is run through the engine.So far I haven't had any issues in the Spring. I have considered converting the large mowers to Propane.
  4. supercuts

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    my large engines dont seem to be too bad, even after 3 months winter sitting, its the small things like hand helds. the only big engines i have had a problem with is my 16hp leaf blowers that sit 10 months out of the year. i use startron? i think in the fuel. ive also heard stories that the level fluctuates quite a bit which is why fords with rear fuel tanks have had delamanting problems, very high ethanol levels.
  5. Charles

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    I am pretty sure this will be sold separately. I don't know how they will do that. 15% is only meant for newer autos--I think. 2007 or better. Bunch of idiots in Government. Driving up the cost of food, beer etc. Gas prices have not come down. They have created a new market for ethanol resistant hoses which are now being sold. Plenty of snake oil additives. I say snake oil because there is no way to prove a particular additive works. Plenty of fear mongering to make you think you need something. Startron? Seafoam? Stabil Blue? etc. $9 a bottle. Just add that to the high gas prices:hammerhead::hammerhead:
  6. supercuts

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    i couldnt agree more, speaking of things they say we "need"...... i had to go get fingerprinted today to renew my hazmat endorsement on my CDL.. In Conn. they make you redo your fingerprints everytime you renew your licence. if thats not bad enough, those fingerprints arent good enough if you pick up oil at the terminal. you have to go back to the same place to get fingerprinted by the same guy for more money than the last time, and now you get a special id tag to wear.
  7. DitchDr

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    I have had to have the carbs replaced one 2 of my FS80's a HS81, all due to the crap fuel they sell. I will not store fuel for more then a week. On Fridays my guys know to run them as close to empty as possible.

    With the Stihl hand helds they will start and idle fine, but bog down if you try to give it gas. What has happened is there is a seal in the top of the carb that the gasket gets eaten away on, and once the motor demands a little more fuel it will not only get it from the jet but will also draw it from the leaky gasket.

    On my motorcycles I have noticed it real bad in my Triumph. Sometimes it just does not want to start. My newer FI bikes it does not seem to be as much of a problem. But then again I dont store fuel in them
  8. mictrik

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    Well you can blame companies like Archer Daniels Midland (ADM). They pored millions into lobbying the government to add ethanol and more ethanol into our fuel. They are also the reason High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is used by food manufacturers as an alternative to the naturally derived disaccharide sugar. HFCS is a liquid sugar derived from corn via a complicated process. The composition of HFCS varies in terms of its fructose/glucose content and many scientists believe that it leads to obesity and insulin resistance in a greater way than cane or beat sugar. The USA protects and subsidizes the corn industry in many ways including a tarrif on imported sugar and domestic quotas all designed to make table sugar more expensive than the long complicated process of creating HFCS. ADM lobbies to maintain these tariffs and quotas. Look no further than ADM and its corporate friends in the Corn refiners industry for the reason your small engines gum up, have less power and wear faster. Look to them also for the reason your cars/ trucks get less mileage. There is less energy in Alcohol relative to gasoline. Corrupt states like NY, CT, MA and California will be the first to move to 15%. Old vehicles will have problems and hopefully some consumer organizations will find a way to sue these large corps like ADM for misinforming the government.
    It's amazing instead of earning money by competing like our free market capitalistic system is designed to do these companies and wall street earn money via government support and market creation. The government rules that we must have ethanol in our gas and they make it (or visa versa after lobby). Wall street is another story with many examples like the 401K for instance. A govt program that creates more transactions and moves more money to wall street. Nice!

    let me ask you, has the government given your industry any subsidy? has it created any markets other than having its buildings landscaped "maybe"???
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    I just saw a news story on news 8 last night out of Dallas that they are going to bump our gas up to 15% ethanol too. We have one station that I know of that doesn't have ethanol in Decab Tx, but its 45 miles away, and the gas is usually 20 to 30 cents more a
  10. Eslocklier

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    Its absolutely unreal. The corn lobby just keeps pushing, don't they? I don't see how they can avoid slapping a sticker on the pumps and having a separate pump for this stuff. Also-good for Ford for their advertised mileage protest. Hopefully other makers will follow suit.

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