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    I have had disturbing news today-A new guy that came into the industry last year who my friends and I have helped (shown how to maintain equipment etc).has taken a two jobs from me.

    He knew these jobs were mine as he has worked part time for me whislt building his round.

    I have expressed my disapointment to him and have decided that although I will greet him in the street, I will never help him out again!

    My point here is that we should always be prepared to help,but before we extend the hand of friendship , we should be cautious also.In this case actions speak louder than words.

    ps:he got the job by undercutting the price ,what a surprise!!!!!!:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
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    Andrew, That is a very bad thing to hear. I like to help people out myself but being treated like that would certainly cut down on the things I would be willing to do. I guess I have been luckily and only been burned once by a "friend." Don't let this sad occurrence prevent you from helping others in the future.

  3. Brickman

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    Here is one for ya. Earlier this year when I was getting a far heavier call load than what I could hope to handle (this was before I sold out late this summer) I was passing on many of the calls to another LCO that WAS a friend and had just started in the biz. I probably sent in excess of $2000 worth of work his way that my advertizing had generated.

    Any way he had a Walker he was wanting to sell that had been up for sale for a while. A guy here on LS (he will know who I mean) was looking for a Walker, as soon as we had a deal put together I called him and told him I had the Walker spoken for and that he would get his $$ by the end of the week. He says fine he will hold it for me for 7 days. About 8 hours later he calls me and says I got a guy that will buy my Walker right now cash money and unless you can do the same I am going to give it to him. I said wait a sec, you told me you were holding it for me. He said yeah well this other guy got the $$ right now and you don't. To make a long story short, he went a head and sold it to this other guy, and I had to call my buyer and tell him the deal was off. I was pissed at my friend and told him that after I had referred all that work to him this was the way he was thanking me???????????? I told him I will never refer another job to you as long as I am in biz. He said that is too bad, this is all biz what I did, $$$ talks, BS walks. I told him that means that his word is worthless when $$ is involved. Any way I never referred any more work to him, and the guy looking for a Walker I was able to find a better mower for less $$. Worked out good for him, and this guy that was my friend never got any more work from me.

    Moral of the story is that it sucks to be stupid, and when you THINK you are screwing them, really they are screwing YOU.

    I am the nicest guy around, but when treated like this, ole Paul can really become a SOB.
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    BAck in jan of 2001 I left my job with a bigger LCO here. WE left on OK terms. It just wasn't going where I wanted. I got a contruciton job that summer and decided to mow part time on my own.

    My first two customers wer former customers of my old boss. They called me. I was unsure if I wanted to take the jobs. They both said they were NOT continuing with my old boss weather I took the job or not. I did NOT under cut his price. I did NOT go looking for these jobs, they called me when they heard I wasn't working for the other guy anymore. I still felt bad about it but the wife said "get over it". The clincher was that my last paycheck had bounced and I had to track him down to get paid. I felt this as a slap in the face for the time I had worked my a** off for him.

    We talk now. I hope there aren't hard feelings, but I'm still not sure I did right. But hey sometimes buisness is buisness, right?

    That's my story on the subject. There is always two sides.
  5. Mueller Landscape Inc

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    I wouldn't to quick to judge your friend because he sold his Walker to a guy who was ready to buy it with cash in hand. Usually when people need a week to come up with the money that means they don't have the money yet. Sometimes that week turns into another week, then another week and so on. Lets say that you owned that Walker and a guy says he will have the money at the end of the week. Meanwhile someone else has cash in hand ready to buy it. You say that it's spoken for but at the end of the week the guy doesn't produce the money. You call the other guy back and he has already purchased another mower. These thing happen all the time. I think it was pretty ethical of your friend to call you and give you and this other guy the opportunity to make the deal.

    Just a thought! I'm not trying to be offensive. :)
  6. Brickman

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    John the deal was in place and the buyer had already planned to come pick up the Walker.

    I know what you are saying, but the way it all played out here was not ethical in my book and a few other persons that heard about the deal.
  7. Mueller Landscape Inc

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    Yea, I figured there was more to it than you let on. :)

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