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    A friend of mine built a concrete pond/fountain a couple years ago, its 6" thick with fibermesh and rebar in it and was properly sealed after the install. Its roughly 3x6x12" in the kidney shape. He said he was losing some water last year so he bought some elastomatic grey roofing sealer and put it on and covered that with the white snow seal. Now he says he loses about 8" of water a day! Even when the fountain is off he's losing that much water. Its been in the 80's here this past week, can he lose that much water in a day? I looked all around his pond and it cant be leaking. Any suggestions?

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    That pond is leaking. Even though a small pond will drop faster than a large one, 8" a day when turned off is some kind of leak. You might want to not fill it up and see how low the water will drop to. When the water stopps dropping, that's where you start looking for the leak.


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