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    As a first time pond builder, I was satisfied with the project I completed except I don't know if I have a leak or evaporation. The pond is 13 X14 about 3.5 feet deep, 4 waterfalls with drops between 4 inches to 10 inches. The pump is a 4500 GPH and I have good flow with a couple of falls having rock underneath that causing nice ripples. Today, I lost about 1/4 inch of water with the temperature around 85 degrees. Since I live in a new development, I have no trees(shade). Do I need to worry? :confused:
  2. D Felix

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    If that's all you lost, I'd say you did fine.

    You will loose as much or more water due to splash out as you will to evaporation, IMO, depending on how your falls are set up.

    Do a search on ways to check for leaks if you are still concerned about one. I'd tell you how to check, but I'm too tired right now.:) I know the info's probably been posted several times.

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    That's not too bad.I finished up one for my mom and dad.(Great experience)I noticed the next day a lot of water was gone.What was happening is the same as D Felix mentioned,splash out.Once the water level got to a certain point,it really started hitting some rock under the fountain and splashed way out.
    I removed some of the rock to give the fountain more area to splash in and it solved the problem.
  4. MJLsLawnCareNmoreLLC

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    I dont think you have a leak either. Your main loss of water will be from all those waterfalls.

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