Even the experienced guys get dropped unexpectedly



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I got a call from a property manager taking 4 lawns of me because they had expected them to look better,yes they agreed they were looking better than when I started doing them 6 months prior but they expected them to look even better than they were I did point out that they were given to me as property maintenance and not a property improvement which would have come with a higher initial cost,I also laugh because that was nearly 3 years ago and they are currently on at least there 4th contractor and the properties look basically like they did before I started so a lot worse than when I left :)
I like this! Not that you lost them, but that now they are back to how they were or worse.


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Fwiw nutsedge only grows when/where there’s too much water
So it’s an irrigation/drainage weather issue

you could have used acclaim to get rid of it
Did you know about it ahead of time?


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Man I did this for a long time and have been dropped for all sorts of reasons....you didn't mow again,....you haven't been blowing....you are blowing...cutting too short....cutting too high....not cutting all the property....cutting a/c wires.....you quit......peeking in the widows...raiding the frig...taking a shower...all sorts of dumb reasons.
I suggest you don't mention the the last 3 reasons on your resume, a bit on the creepy side


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One of my customers of 5 years that left me the best review on Google still dropped me over another company offering a “neighborhood discount” They live in a million dollar house. Although I honestly think they used the price as an excuse and maybe had other reasons. It was a funny convo tho. Since I mowed her sister and moms lawns … as she’s telling me she’s going w a cheaper rate … my reply was prob the opposite most expect lol.
“ok thanks for your business…I’m actually raising rates this year so if you could refer this company to your mother and sister for mowing as well”

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