Ever feel like you where kicked in the nuts when already down?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Kepple Services, May 9, 2008.

  1. Kepple Services

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    Thats this week for me. :rolleyes:

    It started last weekend. We are in the middle of doing a 250 acre piece of property for FWC. They are going to do a prescribed burn in a few months, and wanted the brush brought down so the flames are not as high. They required a brush cutter. No problem, got one.

    We start and on the first day the machine starts to act up, im losing loadder arm function and bucket curl. Lovely. I swap out to the other T300 we have. The next day, the gearbox in the brush cutter, well, explodes for lack of better description. A call to quick attach and a new one is there next day and its only $450. Great. A few days go by and the bruch cutter decides to not rotate anymore. What the heck... Check it out, blades are fine, rotate ok.. Check for fluid at the quick coupler, she squirts nicely. Must be the hydraulic relief block between the machine and motor. After some over the phone diagnostics quick attach agrees. Overnight a new one, $450 plus $70 shipping(actually was $260, they cut me a break because of the gearbox thing... Dont get me wrong I LOVE THIS CUTTER and Quick attach has been nothing but GREAT). Install new block. Nada.. WTF!... ok it IS the machine, we are walking it out to the front of the property to load it onto the trailer to have fixed today and it starts SMOKING in the cab.. not hey put out the cigarette, but HOLY SCHNIKEYS BATMAN WE ARE ON FIRE!!... OK so not flames fire but not good.. Turn off machine and grab fire extinguisher to make sure.. nothing.. Now machine is dead in the woods, no power, nothing. Great, lovely, ************ Call bobcat, and a road service guy is on his way home and lives 3 miles away, YAY!.. He comes over and we figure out after about an hour its the controller. New controler is ordered as well as a new wire harness... This is going to hurt..

    I cant win some weeks...

  2. Gravel Rat

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    I think we all have had one of those days.

    The one contractor I worked for I had many days like that. Go into the shop and yell the word that sounds like yuck :laugh:
  3. bobcat_ron

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    Should have bought anything else but Bobcrap!!!
  4. Kepple Services

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    In actuallity, this is the worst thing I have had happen in the 1120 hours I have owned the machine. So OVERALL I cant complain, its just that it happened all at the same time.......
  5. RockSet N' Grade

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    Welcome to my world!!! It seems it is just hard to find a rhythm and get into a groove. We keep leaving a vital tool back at the shop - extra trip - , waiting for a plumber who says he will be back in an hour with parts and shows up 3 hours later telling us he got hungry so he went to lunch ( with no food brought back to us and no phone call to let us know ), owner has us lay out a garage 3 times......each time it is to be redone because he does not know process to product and is rushing and doesn't even have approved plans.....underground is not in and he is asking when we are going to pour concrete? Tomorrow? Monday? Yea right.......!!! Bottom feeders everywhere. Lots of equipment for sale and diesel is on sale for cheap at $4.30 this am........We are busy, but it feels like we are spinning our wheels going nowhere.....After contemplation and a long talk with my better half, the operative word is "stay focused" cut out everything that does not matter and push forward in spite of what is going on around. Keep bidding, stay productive, and keep moving forward......
  6. Mulchin Larry

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    I feel your pain.:drinkup:
  7. tbi

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    And what was your excuse for buying a bobscrap?

    Wait till you get some time on your track truck then get back to us on UC repairs.

    BTW do you have any friends that didn't cost anything?
  8. BIGBEN2004

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    It seems to happen to me like that. I will not have a single problem for a while and then BAM..... all at once everything seems to break and calls start pouring in on how I owe bills and builders aren't paying ect......... Sometimes I feel like getting on a plane and just fly around for a while and get away but we all get those days and we just push through them and look back one day and laugh.
  9. Construct'O

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  10. AWJ Services

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    For me it always seems that the tighter the budget is the more breakdowns or problems you have.

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