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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Smitty58, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. Smitty58

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    Well this year so far has not been good. Today was the icing on the cake. We took our 1 month old Ferris back to the dealer to trade up to a Exmark (was not happy with the Ferris). Monday when we were at the dealer he showed us a hydro w/b which I liked and then he told us about a Lazer Z he took back in trade from a homeowner who "could'nt figure it out". The deal was pretty good on either one but we wanted a day or 2 to decide. I told the dealer we will come back Wed and take 1 of the 2. Today we decide to go get the Lazer, so we take our Ferris in and the owner who we talked to was out to lunch. I have bought every piece of equipment I own from this dealership and am on a first name basis with everyone there. So I told the other salesman about the deal we struck and he said just go ahead and take it and I'll tell him when he gets back. Meanwhile while I'm walking through the showroom there is an older couple looking at a couple of mowers for their home. I mentioned to them that the Simplicity is a real nice mower and I thought they would be happy with that and that they could not go wrong with the Exmark. The husband asked me about the Ferris he was sitting on ,and I told him about our mower. He then asks me where we were out of ( I had on my company shirt) and I told him, he said he could probably get me some work because his mother in law was not happy with the guy who was doing her lawn. He asked if I had a biz card and I went to the truck to get him one. When I got back I gave him the card in front of the sales guy who had been in the office looking up something for them prior to this. I told the salesman I was trying to help him out with a sale, I guess he thought I was trying to get them to not buy a mower but instead just hire me ,although we all laughed when I said I was trying to help him out. So several hours later I get a call from the owner who says hey I sold that mower this morning I need you to bring it back ,and btw thanks for screwing up a sale and trying to sell a customer on your service instead. I tried to explain but he cut me off and said just bring my mower back. Now this really hacked me off. First of all he sold my mower out from under me and 2nd acused me of something I did'nt do. A long post but I need some advice.
  2. AdamCByrd

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    I don't think a good dealer would do that. I could see how they could sell a mower in a morning and you not hear about it in time, and how you could make the mistake of bringing it home when it's already sold. I guess I could see that happening (although they should have immediately put a "sold" tag on it). They should have been very apologetic to you since it was more (much more) their fault than your's. Can you find a new dealer?
  3. Appalachian landscape

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    run it into a tree, then take it back. make sure you call him an a**hole while you're at it. :angry:
  4. Mower For Less

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    How do you see your future relationship with this dealer? Possesion is 9/10's as the saying goes. If he took your money, and you have the mower... sounds like your mower to me. If you want to try to be on good terms with him again (probably not likely, but you should judge) then take it back and try to strike a similar deal on another mower.

  5. Smitty58

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    I will not be doing any more business with them after tommorrow. Very good point about putting a sold sign on it. To tell you the truth I don't think it was sold, I think he just copped an attitude about me supposedly stealing a sale and is using that against me. Of course that makes no sense but it is just a feeling I have.
  6. Smitty58

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    Kevin, ther are several other dealers in my area so it won't be a big deal to go elsewhere I just don't like conflict. I plan on talking to him first before I just unload his/my mower.
  7. MMLawn

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    Since you didn't have any money only and the closest you came to committing to even buying it was that you said you wanted to think about it for a couple of days and you would come back and "take 1 of the 2" then it wasn't "your mower" as you say that he sold and if I was the dealer a "for sure buyer" over an "I'll be back in a couple days" would get the sale with me too, so he may have actually sold it that morning.

    As to the card thing I think that you can sure see how it looked to him though esp if they walked (as it sounds like they did) and didn't buy a mower??? Maybe they did just plan on hiring you after they thought about it. Regardless of how it was intented I'm sure to the dealer it was like you were coming on his turf trying to get clients from his customers.

    Maybe tomorrow when you return the mower he will have calmed down. If not dealers are a dime a dozen....so find a good one.
  8. Smitty58

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    MMLAWN - yes I can see how it may have looked ,however since he knew I was interested in the mower I think at the very least he could have told the other buyer "wait a minute and let me call him to see if he wants it". On the other hand the mower was not even out in the open it was parked in the back so if he sold it he would have had to of told someone he had it ,so again would'nt he first call me?
  9. Dashunde

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    Plan A
    1. He didnt sell your mower out from under you, he's just pissed.

    2. Go back and see him WITHOUT bringing the mower along.

    3. Remind him that he is getting his information 2nd hand, you were only trying to help the old folks choose.

    4. Remind him of your past business & your agreement, then write him a check for the agreed difference between your Ferris and his Lazer.

    5. After he cools down and accepts your check, tell him to F off as you go out the door (if you want). He does not deserve your $ any longer.

    Plan B (This one is simple)
    1. If he refuses to converse, or talks over you, or is overwhelmingly rude... tell him to F off, and he can pick up his own damn mower at whatever address you give him.

    2. Call Ferris customer service, ***** up a storm about your lousy cut, tell them about your dealer, see if they will do a buy-back.

    3 Find another dealer, I'd suggest one that sells Gravely or Scag.

    Something I'm not clear on... did the other person there take your $ when you took the mower? Do you have a bill of sale, etc?
    If so, you own it, end of story.
  10. Mower For Less

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    I would keep the mower and tell him that it is your mower and he sold it to you. If he really does have another buyer he will just have to sell them another or newer mower at his loss. Whats the difference between him telling you he sold it to someone else, or telling someone else he already sold it? If you paid for it, I would keep it. Whats he going to do? Sue you for keeping a mower you paid for???? Looks like your going to get to know the other dealers pretty good now.


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