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Ever get contracted by another company and they can't provide supplies on time?

Chop Stuff Up

LawnSite Senior Member
Newark DE
A job that we should've had finished a week ago is still not completed due to lack of supplies. Basically we subbed for a larger company to do the labor portion of a landscape. They were to deliver everything to the job site. Its getting ridiculous. A few trees arrive here and there, the mulch has been sitting over a week, pavers have yet to arrive. It is just becoming a waste of my time. The contract doesn't state a deadline for supplies nor does it state any terms of a withdraw due to a delay in supply. I was wondering if you guys ever ran into a major delay and do you usually push through it or in the end just say enough is enough and move on?


LawnSite Silver Member
Let them know to call you when everything arrives. You might also talk to the customer to let them know that it isn't your fault.