ever get really scammed by a customer?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Nov 5, 2004.

  1. bobbygedd

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    i think i told this story a long while back. it happened many many years ago, and i'm sure the new guys never read it. it is cloudy in my mind, but i do remember the important parts. i go out one night, on a sunday night, and put business cards in mailboxes trying to gain clientelle. i get a call the very next day. i'm so excited, it's in a real upscale area. i drive over, wouldn't you know it, the crappiest house on the block. no cars in the driveway, nastly looking house falling apart. ok, fine. i knock, i'm invited in. nice lady, a bit flakey, her husband sitting at the table, in a wheelchair. they explain they want thier place to look presentable, but since he lost total use of his leggs in an accident, money was tight. they asked if i would accept a payment plan. well, i felt so bad about the wheelchair and all, ok, i said i would. i priced the thatch, seed fert at $400. they gave me a check for $50, and promised to pay "what they could" each month. i did the job, came out nice. after the initial visit, i never saw the husband again. but, the lady started calling me for odds and ends. i was hesitant, but did a few minor projects for her. the bill was adding up, and i would get a few crumbs here and there, but definitely going in reverse. one day i drove by, and what did i see? the guy in the wheelchair......it was a miracle, he was walking just fine, in fact, loading golf clubs into his majorly expensive car, that must have been usually kept in the garage. i been scammed! long story short, never did get payment in full. ever get scammed by a customer?
  2. 1MajorTom

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    Why didn't you take them to court? ;)
  3. dfor

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    Ya should have put him back into that wheel chair. I don't recall ever really being scammed. Just the old people crying poverty, after they get back from their yearly cruise.
  4. Remsen1

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    I haven't been scammed as far as I know, but I have had some customers play the poor me role when they know I am working on an estimate. I'm getting more and more resistant to it. I'd rather do nothing, make nothing, and spend nothing, than do alot, get paid little, and spend nearly all of it.
  5. bobbygedd

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    majortom that was a long long time ago. nobody gets away with even half that anymore. my experience combined with my crappy attitude has taught me how to handle things like that. and i, have taught all of you
  6. GreenMonster

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    I like the the folks with in the new upscale neighborhood -- 350,000 home, two fancy cars in the garage, in-ground pool:

    "well, we've spent a lot already this year, so we're really on a budget."
  7. rodfather

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    Did you misplace your shovel back then?

    Yes I got scammed for 9100 clams bg...told ya bout that one awhile back. IRS raised an eyebrow over it, but it did happen to me and it was legit. Since that episode, I am no longer a peach, but something else that starts with the letter "P"...LOL
  8. proenterprises

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    i have never been scammed persay. however, i rarely fall for the tight budget song and dance. just a work to the wise over bills being paid-if somone if in debt, they are going to pay off their mortgage, car payment and credit debt long before they pay the lawn guy.

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