Ever gotten your mower stuck!?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by MooseMan89, Apr 2, 2011.


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    ive never gotten it so stuck that i wasnt able to get it out without pulling it with something else
  2. clean_cut

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    :laugh::laugh::laugh: I wish I could have seen that boat being dragged at 40 mph. lol.
  3. newjerseylandscaping

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    HAHA That boat story is great. Yea i only drove that truck within the lot but it was awsome. It ad a 3.5 lift kit on it and bigger tires. That truck literally went touh anyhing. and it was stick so it was easy to menipulate.They said they never would have thought to do that. The next step was the two or lifts. HHA
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  4. Hawkshot99

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    I was mowing a back yard with a small pond. The banks leading down to the pond were semi steep, and the wheels of the mower slipped in the soft dirt and slid down nto the water. The front half of the walk behind deck was submerged in the water. When i tried to get the mower out the wheels just spun in the soft dirt/mud.

    I keep a maunel come-a-long in the truck. Hooked that up to a big tree and pulled the mower back up the bank. The home owner came out to watch and laugh at me. She was not bothered by the tire tracks as it provided her a good laugh.
  5. bob

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    A slippery slope sucked in the Grasshopper. The Gravelys tires got caked in mud & couldn't pull the Grasshopper out. The Gravely then slide down towards the bottom-less pit. Good thing my Ranger was only a few miles away.


  6. OP

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    LMAO @ the story of the boat! Hahaaha! If only he had hit the brakes while going that fast... That boat will rear end him so hard! lol.


    WOW! This is scary as hell man! I can see where the tires skid down the hill on the turf.
    Also, let me ask you this. Is it difficult using a ZTR to mow a hilly yard? Like if you were to go stripping the yard sideways.. Wouldn't the mower start going downward because of the casters?
  7. JFGauvreau

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    2 ztr stuck in the ditch isn't really productive lol, but at least you got them out!
  8. DeereHauler

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    professional lawn management? that quote doesn't exactly scream professional.

    I once got a mower stuck and i only had one at the time. I used a long ratchet strap and anchored to something, and slowly worked it out. Now we have multiple machines, the guys keep a 25' tow strap with them. Once had to use a truck to pull one out, i have seen mowers in some weird places.
  9. grassman177

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    man, everyone will or has gotten a mower stuck or similar. trucks too! haha

    i got my old great dane chariot back in the 90s stuck up into the undercarriage pulleys! i mean wow. i was furious, to say the very least. anyone could have heard me for a mile. i got it out by going insane on the hydros while sometimes someone pushing.

    those days were all over until 2 years ago when treating a large lawn i got stuck in my zspray max. down to the wheel motors. it was one of those days where the ground was frozen in the morning and thought it still looked hard, but it werent! hehe.!

    had to get a tractor from the shop, pull it out and then fix the guys lawn in an aread about the size of my house(which is not all that big, but enough!).

  10. bob

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