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Ever had a customer ask u to lower your price?


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Southern Indiana
Lady calls and said they just retired (Probably around 50 years old) and wanted me to lower their price. She has always been a little loony (she called one night at 11:30pm for some petty requests, had to ask not to call so late). The real kicker is that they just recently moved into this expensive home with a large yard with lots of slopes. When I stated to her that "if they want to cut down their household expences, they should perhaps consider mowing it theirselves" she became aggitated and said thats "easy for me to say because I have so many customers that it doesnt matter if I lose their business. She went on saying that she doesnt want her new husband on the slopes with a mower because he will get hurt.
Needless to say I had a little problem with this and proptly canceled her.


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Rochester, NY
BWAAAAhahahahahahahahahahaha............. Are you serious?! But it's ok somehow that you are the one that could get hurt on the slopes? what a chooch.


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I have had this happen before also. One customer who was a referral and we had only been cutting the lawn for a couple of weeks, calls up and begins with the ole "We LOVE the job your doing and you certainly do more than the last company we hired, however...." at this point I am wholly uninterested in what she says next "....we just recieved a flyer from a company on our door knob, they will cut our lawn for 1/2 what your charging, but since WE like YOU and YOUR employees, WE were wondering if YOU would meet that price, what do YOU think?" What do I think? Lawd have mercy. Needless to say, I was a bit hot and bothered by the exchange but I remained calm and said that we cannot, do not and will not negociate our price and politely terminated our brief business relationship. She seemed a bit confused by my hasty action and did call a few days later and asked that I return her call, however I left that skeleton in the closet.

This is but one of a few incidences over the years and it REALLY makes me evaluate my relationship w/my vendors whether it be my equipment dealer, auto mechanic, etc.. When you find good, honest, reliable solid vendors that support you and your business over the years and go the extra mile for ya be respectful/mindful of what/why they charge what they do.


Az Gardener

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Phoenix, Az
This has happened to every one that has been in business for any length of time. Just put on that ole Hoosier charm and say "yes ma'am I understand everyone has a budget, so what part of the service would you like me to eliminate or reduce to bring down the price?" Let them make the decision. You have been polite and professional and you have put the ball back in her court.


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:D :D How insulting! Next time I take my car in for repair Im going to ask for them to lower their price:D Next week at my Dr. visit going to ask the Dr. to lower office visit:D :D What the heck are people thinking? Thats about the quickest way for a client to get on my bad side next to cussing at me:angry:


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drop her. the old hag is going to turn into a pita real quick. if anything raise your price to account for all the extra bs she is going to put you through.


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In a way its not always a bad thing...... Not saying you have to do it but at least they are giving you the opportunity to keep the account if you want to....

This isnt the only industry this happens in.....Happens all the time....

If I have a mulch supplier selling me mulch for one price for a couple of years, say and another reputable company makes me an offer thats significantly better, I would call my current supplier and offer to stay with him for the same deal the other guy is offering....

Same with buying anything..... Ill always offer my regular suppliers and dealers the opportunity for the business before I make a change..

Sometimes they do and sometimes they dont.....

In your case...... Half the mowing price.......Id switch too......