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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Tom c., Aug 4, 2006.

  1. Tom c.

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    Im doing a customers lawn one day. I know you guys have seen "THE LOOK" Woman comes walking up the street and asks about having her lawn taken care of. I give her a price for mowing and string trim and she says OK see you next week! I show up next week and start wacking away and she stands on the front porch the whole time! I go to the back yard and quess what there she is on the back porch. She says I hope you dont mind Ive never seen this done before!What CUT GRASS!!,so she says you missed a spot under the picnic table. :dizzy: I tell her ill get it with the string trimmer. So i finish up and she says you missed a spot by the curb, I says where? There were like three blades of grass sticking up!! So the following week I show up and guess what Shes on the front porch waiting for me I didnt even get the trailer gate down and she starts whining Oh You have to cut it lower ! So I throw the green barrel back in the trailer and close the gate and shes going "where you going?"I said home "You cut the lawn"!! Im done!!! Another PITA bites the dust!!!:walking: :dizzy: You guys ever have any thing that wacky!!:hammerhead:
  2. Jaswir

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    lol thats funny! i would of done the same thing! how long did it take you to do her lawn the first time?
  3. Tom c.

    Tom c. LawnSite Member
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    About 40 mins There were some overgrown spots on one side of the house and I always try to make a good first impression! But this was 250#of pita in a bathing suit!!!! The husband was a nice guy but ithink I know why he hid in the garage!!! I think my new policy will be to take new customers on a trial basis!! I jumped on this one cause it was across the street from a lawn I already have.Ill be careful in the future. Anyone else need to vent!!:dizzy:
  4. FLAhaulboy

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    ive had several clients that like to stand out in the yard near me and "closely" watch me work! I think they were just lonely for companionship. i try to avoid the perfect people who want perfect work. you live and learn.
  5. Team-Green L&L

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    Lonliness seems to be the reason for most of this kind of activity. These people work and take care of children...period! A social experience is worth $50 a cut!
  6. WetWell

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    Don't want to say how this lady acted is normal but some people have lived in Condos their whole lives and this may have been the first home with a lawn they had to care for. I once cut a lawn for a lady and assumed she wanted it done every week. So the next week I cut it and she said 'Why did you do that?" I will pay you but ask next time, so I never went back. They had the worst lawn on the block and now I knew why.
  7. AAELI

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    Sounds a little like a quality assurance inspector I had on federal contracts. The contract was pretty particular but not as particular as the QA. 10 years of that type of follow up by customer reps kept us on our toes. We rarely had this complaint again after the first week of work. Training and attention to detail do wonders for customer satisfaction.

    I do the same following up after my son mows our yard. He acts like you. Oh Dad, why not let it wait till next week? It's only a few sprigs of grass.

    On your part it is called quality control. Done right the first time means the customer, QA, doesn't have any reason to gig your work.

    Keep on leaving the 'Pita's ' for the next guy. He will be glad to eat your lunch, supper or whatever meal you leave behind.
  8. BPLS1993

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    thats funny ha, ive been mowing this india ladies property for like 3 years now and at the back of the lot there are weeds that lead to a lake, i have never cut them in three years. so two weeks ago she comes down and is yelling at me to mow the back all the way down to the back, and began asking why i stopped doing it. i said that i have never done that and its not ever grass, its all weeds, she said the sprinklers go back that far i start laughing and say if you can find a sprinkler back there i will cut your place the remainder of the year for free. so she starts looking through these weeds for a sprinkler head when all of a sudden she screams and falls over this 2 foot drop (where its supposed to be flat and grass ha), haha i allmost died laughing, she brushes the mud off and comes back up and says, im sorry i guess your right. (nothing against india people but imagine all of this in that thick india (female, "thank you com again" voice from the simpsons) it was the highlight of my day
  9. LawnmanJ

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    Thats quite an interesting story.... I would have done the same thing I guess.
  10. J&R Landscaping

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    When customers (espically new first cut customers) are home, I insist that they stay inside! I don't care if they look out the windows but If i'm not 1000% sure they is nothing hiding under the lawn, I don't want anyone around for fear in case something gets thrown. I've always assumed that customers don't like getting hit with flying Whatever from the lawenmower! JMO

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