Ever have a bad day?


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Ok guys have you ever had a bad day seems like this year we have had our share of them from no rain fall this spring to rain every evey other day from May thru June and July isn't much better.<br>Well today topped it we started a job today moving 3000 cu. yds. of dirt on the 6 load one of the semis I hired tipped over it took them 4 hrs to get it uprighted and talk about losing production only moved 1000 cu yds today. some days I just want to start over. :) <p>----------<br>paul<br>


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Temps here have been in the high 90s with heat indexes well over 100. Tomorrow calls for an even 100 degree temp without index. In heat like this every day seems like a bad day.One can stand under a shade tree and sweat like crazy. Bad thing about it is as I get older it seems to get worse, and I am still young!

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