ever have a customer ask you this?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnwizards, Apr 27, 2008.

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    i went to do a job the other day for the first time. (new customer) well, i get finished with the front yard and then proceed to the back when she stops me and tells me that the grass is really high and that my push mower would cut better. huh?:dizzy: i then proceed to tell her that my 7 thousand dollar mower will cut circles around my 3 hundred dollar push. why do customers think that little trim mowers are better? anyone else experience this?


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    I have had one person ask me and I just told them politly that I bid the property using my big mower and if they wanted it push mowed its going to cost more. After telling them that they usually have no problem letting me mow it with the big mower.
  3. IN2MOWN

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    Because sometimes they do. 21s dont leave tire tracks which gives the lawn a more uniformed appearance. Some of them actually cut better also more so at shorter lengths.
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    I wasnt asked the same question but close. I was at lowes making a last minute irrigation repair and a ladie was in the same isle and starting asking me questions so i answered them one by one and then she started talking about needing lawn service so i handed her a biz card and told her to call and leave an adress and that i would swing buy and give her a price...boom so i split out of their like a rocket and fix the irrigation at one of my accounts. So later i check my messages and go and meet her at her house and give her a price ( she likes the price:) ) she says thats all she can afford to pay (cool)then...she says you dont use one of those riding mowers do you? I said yes i do..she replies i want you to use a push mower i said i dont have a push mower i have a 36"walk behind mower in my fleet i could use insted of my rider, no! i want it done with a 21" push mower. I then asked why do you not want me to use my rider to mow your lawn, your yard is wide open? the she says im from up north and the yards look better when their mowed with a 21" push mower Besides them big mowers tear up your yard. I then said "Mam" no professional lawn comapny is going to mow your property for the price i gave you with a push mower, and yes if your not careful a ZTR will tear up the lawn but we know what were doing and if you look at our service argeement you'll see that if we tear up any of your lawn we will make all repairs with no charge to you..She replies if you will not use a push mower then i will not hire you.. I smiled and said have a good day Mam i hope you find what your looking for...I just don't understand people sometimes, This aint the 1950's no more.
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    People are afraid that you are going to tear the hell out of stuff with a big ztr mower......on the 10K size yards.
  6. Lawn-Sharks

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    yup welcome to florida. Dinosour capital of the world (old skeezers)

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