Ever have another LCO remove your mailbox lawn flyers?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Ramairfreak98ss, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. Ramairfreak98ss

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    While your passing them out or still at your lawn site?

    Today, my employee on the mower was about 10-15 minutes from completion in a more upscale NJ development. So i throw on my roller blades (how i usually pass out my fancy color mailbox flyers) and off i go. I go basically in a big look real quick taking about ~10 minutes. I pass out 35 flyers and on my way back to the lawn i just cut, about 4 houses down is a guy with a backpack blower in someones back yard.

    His old beatup rack/box body gmc truck and shabby open trailer is sitting in the wide road and which looks like hes getting done cutting a lawn. I figure its just some other company "landscape etc" or whatever the name was, so i dont put a flyer in that mailbox and continue on my way with another ~5 flyers till i get back to the house im cutting.

    5 minutes later, the guy is walking down the road with the backpack blower pulling all my flyers out, he gets now right Across the street from the lawn im doing and i start to walk over to him, so he says, "here you want these back?, Theyre already taken care of".

    What stumped me is that i know for a fact that another large company 3 weeks ago was cutting the one across the street and did last year too.. and where did this little single crew company/guy come from having "5" 1.5 acre properties damn near in a row? He also cuts the one right next door to the one i was doing and i KNOW all of last year they had some other guy come out with a toro ZTR, younger white guy doing that lawn.. Im thinking maybe the large company across the street from my lawn is selling off lawn accounts to little guys or something. The guy must have been there for hours working on these lawns because when i pulled up to do my clients lawn, the grass in the road next door looked almost like it was cut yesterday so it was sitting there for hours before he blew off the streets and driveways.

    It wasnt so much the fact he took off the flyers from the lawns he was cutting, as much as to do it after he saw me go by and that i was still there. I myself would probably take them off one of my clients mail box, but then i thought about it, it probably wouldnt bother me because most flyers i see are pretty "shiatty" to say the least and im not worried about my clients seeing that and dropping my services because of it.

    My flyer is a full color double sided sheet and is pretty intimidating to other LCOs, especially little guys i guess. Now if he went down the entire street pulling off my flyers i would have just called the cops.

    I think over the weekend ill go around to all them and put flyers in their front door :dancing: Seems the guy thinks hes got something to loose i guess.
  2. gavin478

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    Personally, If I'm dropping off flyers, and see another company's I pull it off. However, it is rediculous for the other guy to go out of his way to do that. Go back in 2 days and hit them all again!
  3. KTO Enterprises

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    Go get em! I was cuttin a yard one day and a fly by nighter left a crappy lookin flyer on the mailbox. It fell off so i took it to my customer and said someone left this on their mailbox. She looked at it, laughed and threw it in the trash, then proceded to make me a sandwich and pour me a glass of sweet tea. Thats my nicest customer. Everytime I get done with her yard she has lunch ready for me. Just the gesture alone makes it worth the fact that I probably shorted myself $15 per month on this account.
  4. The Captain

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    I'd be a little P.O.'d with him too. But anyone with only a few accounts is likely to be paranoid about anything threatening. Just remember the rules about USPS mailboxes. If you had them in the mailbox and he took them out, that's a big no no also.

    Be safe, use the front door if you can.
  5. KTO Enterprises

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    Do you guys put the flyers in the mail box or on the flag. Im scared to open someones mailbox, so I put it on the flag or in the paperbox.
  6. topsites

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    No, so long you are respectful enough not to put one in the mailbox of the yard I am working on, I have no issues with you doing your business. Matter of fact, this might be one time I just might wave at another Lco.

    I will take a slew of them out, but only if someone has the gaul to put one in the mailbox of the yard I am working on, only then do I get upset. Then again, that guy might've had more than the one account, not sure what to think or say, but even if I pulled the 3-4 in adjacent boxes because they're my customers, I could also see you could not have known that... Either way, I sure as heck would never walk up to the Lco who just put them there LOL.

    Respect my yard, I respect you, and yours.

    Other notes: Technically, you're not supposed to put them on any part of the mail box itself, the paper box is fine, you might try their front door knob (or wedged in the screen door), say if they have a paved driveway.
  7. Trimmer Man007

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    Isn't it illegal to pull anything out of someone else's mailbox? Like a federal crime?
  8. fiveoboy01

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    So, I'm curious what you told the guy when he went to hand you your flyers back.

    I'd be pretty pissed, and maybe inform him that I will consider calling the police on him because he is stealing out of people's newspaper boxes.

    What a f'in hack.
  9. Richard Martin

    Richard Martin LawnSite Fanatic
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    It's just as illeagal to put them on the outside as the inside.
  10. dgfitz

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    Yes, and yes. Also it is illegal to attach anything to the mailbox, or use
    the mail box for any other reason except to forward or recieve mail. The
    actual wording of the law is more precise and detailed, but the clear reasonable
    meaning is that mailboxes belong to the Federal government. If you have
    doubts, check with your Licensed Attorney At Law for advise.

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