ever have health problems from pesticides?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by bobbygedd, Apr 27, 2004.

  1. bobbygedd

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    how long have u been applying, and have u ever had health problems from exposure?
  2. DiscoveryLawn

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    I have been applying since 1989. the only problems I had was with Diazanon back in the early 90's when I was most diffenately over-exposed. I had the jitters for 3 days and lost much control of my motor skills for awhile. Tried to put fork of food in my mouth and kept sticking myself in the side of my face. Would reach for something and would miss it over and over again. ...many other things.
    I'm glad those days are over. I have not had any problems in ten years or so though. I am much smarter with the way I handle pesticides now.
  3. DiscoveryLawn

    DiscoveryLawn LawnSite Senior Member
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    ...by the way. i have never had any long-term problems.
  4. morturf

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    I have been near applications since 1963. I followed my father around while he sprayed for my whole youth. I worked with him all the time. When I was 16 I got my license to apply, there was no rule then about how old you had to be so I got it. Have been applying ever since. I am almost 43. I spent the better part of a month a year for at least 15 years applying Diazinon granular and never had a problem. I spent more time in this stuff than anybody I know and I never have a problem. I am not a nut about being covered with all the layers you can be, I do wear long pants all the time in the application season. I think a lot of common sense is in order. DON'T PICK YOUR NOSE WHEN YOU ARE APPLYING!!!!!!!....:)

    I have a dad that has done this all his life, he is now 82. He spent much more time in chemicals that were harsher than we ever will. He still tells me the best day in the army he ever had was late summer '44 and he got deloused with DDT!! I know what they will say when he dies at the age of 104.......................the chemicals killed him.
  5. ArizPestWeed

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    When I use glyfosate , my lip area gets num.
    I think it's the surfactant .
  6. Bobby

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    I had a friend who worked for ChemLawn in south Florida who died from complications from exposure to somthing they were selling.
  7. DiscoveryLawn

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    When I had that exposure I was in the company I worked for at the time truck with a window that was stuck down and the wind was blowing loose diazinon through out the cab of the truck. I was breathing that stuff in all day for two days in a row. (Iwas young and dumb)

  8. Runner

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    I get "jitterbuggy" when I use glyphosate. It's almost like a speed buzz or caffiene buzz, or something. I can feel the tension in my muscles, and get that funny feeling likewhen your tongue even gets somewhat tense. Kind of like diet pills will do.
  9. KenH

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    Ive been applyine pesticides since 1962, over thend j kdfuei ivofid cnmjdenhysbn n mnmdn cic uiuvjdm,.m, murem,,d.

    (J/K hehe)
  10. TSM

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    LOL good one kenH

    been in this field over 20 years...i'd tell you when i started but i dont remember...memory problems are from chemicals but not the ones we apply to lawns.

    knew a guy when i worked for c-lawn way back in the early 80's he would keep a bag of diazinon in the cab of his truck and put his hand in the bag while he was dirving (yea, true story) he'd do this a few days before we were to have blood drawn checking our cholonesterates (sp)...he'd be pulled off the road for a week or so then be retested...he'd do this just to get a rest...yes he was a sleeze bag

    me, never had any exposure issues

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