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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Grass_Slayer, Dec 22, 2001.

  1. Grass_Slayer

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    my ztr is ridden hard alot but not too rough. During the middle of the summer i went over an invisible hole in a yard. it was a really hard bump. i then went down a hill and onto a parking lot. i looked down to see that my right front caster had broken off and was scraping across the ground!! anybody else ever have this problem??

    i took it to my dealer and they welded it back together, it broke again!! i then took it to a friend's machine shop (he does some free repairs for me and i do 2 acres for $60) he welded it back. IT BROKE AGAIN!!!!!!! i took it back to him and he welded it with some wire that was made to stand up to vibration. THEN THE LEFT SIDE BROKE!!! He welded it with the same stuff and i have had no more toruble.

    my dealer ordered a new wheel set about 5 months ago and i havent heard anything since. i dont care though, if it aint broke dont fix it. i finally got it fixed!!

    BRIAN GALLO LawnSite Senior Member
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    For those parts to be failing repeatedly in the same spots even after being fixed would lead me to believe it's probably some "bad" steel. Those castors should be able to take more than a small hit before they break. Sometimes steel can come off the line with a lot of slag or porosity and cause those types of failures. If that's the case I would check with the mower manufacturer and see if any recalls have been issued for those parts.
  3. David Gretzmier

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    a buddy of mine had this happen to his skag ztr. both fron casters broke off at separate times. he thought it very weird, then others had the same problem. I have heard that from competitors that skags very tough frame has few" give" points. since it is so rigid, it breaks at the weakest point. Dave g
  4. First what is an invisable hole?

    If they did a lousy job yes it will break again. Temp not hot enough.

    Other side broke, well you made the other side stonger so it had to give.LOL!!!

    Called abuse. I would replace both with new ones, but you had better call your dealer cause he is probably waiting for ouy to pick them up still.

    Also what they said.
  5. Grass_Slayer

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    the hole was about 6" wide and the same deep. it had bermuda growing up through it so it looked like the rest of the yard. i just couldnt see it when i hit it.

    the second time it broke after my dealer welded it the guy at the machine shop said they didnt do a good job. he said there were holes all the way through it.

    it is a high grade steel but the one on the right side had a crack in it. i needed it fixed that day every time it broke so it just got welded. i have had a new set ordered since the second time it broke and the dealer said he would call me when it got here, but i dont want it now.
  6. lee b

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    What is an invisible hole? Just like Grass-slayer said- a hole with grass growed up to the same level as the surrounding grass. Very common on industrial sites, along with discarded junk, always have a few hidden surprises. And when you hit one, it's not called abuse, just one of the dangers of the job.:rolleyes:
  7. leeslawncare

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    I had a left caster break off my 36" deere . i welded it back it lasted 2 yrs aan broke again then i got a new one an fixed the broke one for a spare.
  8. I wasn't specifing the hole as abuse, he said it was used hard.
    Every ones interpitasion of that is different.

    I've had caster yokes break off also but just only on the WB's. The guys run them into the trailer side rail and they buy me new ones when they break. It is a rare occasion but it does happen.

    With a 1 out of 1,000,000 chance of getting 2 caster yokes that are bad on the same machine, specialy since it is not a new mower then the mower has been abused.

    Reread his post and you will see it.
  9. Grass_Slayer

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    i am not abusive to my mower. both of the spindles had cracks in them when they broke. the first time it hit the hole and broke, the second time i dropped it of a curb and triend to pull it back up, it turned sideways and broke, the third time i was mowing in a ditch and it turned sideways again and broke. the left side broke when i went up onto a womans driveway from her yard. i dont know how it broke that time cause i wasnt going fast and the driveway was only an inch up off the yard. i was taught not to abuse equip. cause if u dont abuse it it will last longer. i would not abuse a $7000 lawnmower. i only have one so if it breaks then i am sol!!
  10. Every ones interpatasion of abuse is different.

    From the info you gave, and now just backed it up, that would be abuse/stress.

    Let me guess that when it hit the hole the first time it went side ways also.

    You broke it the second time.

    It broke in the ditch because of a poor weld job.

    The other one broke because it was stressed out.

    Spindle is what the blades go on.

    Caster Yoke is what the front wheel goes on.

    If they had cracks in them you should have taken care of them a long time ago, not when they broke.

    BTW these machines were built to take a certain amount of abuse/stress.

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