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    National Homeowners Association launches Universal Lawn Care Program
    September 23, 2009

    The National Homeowners Association (nHOA) has launched the first Universal Lawn Care (ULC) Program allowing for homeowners to save more than 70% on lawn service. The nHOA has negotiated a contract with more than 50 local small businesses and two national service providers to support this effort.

    How it Works
    nHOA has worked with several lawn service companies to negotiate a low cost lawn care solution over the last 4 months. These negotiations took into account several key factors to make the program more feasible for homeowners and lawn providers. Because of the feasibility of the program, more than 30% of homeowners have signed up for the service within the first two months.

    When does it Start

    Service has started for more than 500 homeowners. Other homeowners should begin seeing notices in the mail within the next few weeks informing them when registration is available in their area. Once a homeowner has registered, they will receive an email notification of when service begins. Payment is not due until service has been rendered. All subsequent payments will be automated on a weekly/bi-weekly basis based on the homeowners service needs. Homeowners may cancel at any time.


    Homeowners that were paying $20-35 for lawn care service will see a significant savings in the cost of service. The average cost for lawn care provided through the nHOA is $12. Homeowners that were paying as much as $50-75 for lawn care service will be paying $20 for each service. This pricing applies to about 98% of homeowners.


    The nHOA has tested this program for more than 3 months in selected areas of Central Florida and now servicing more than 400 homeowners. 100% of all homeowners are paying $12 for each service – that’s a combined savings of more than $20k each month from what they were paying.

    Getting Involved

    Small businesses and large service providers may take part in this program by visiting www.PerfectLiving.org.

    The program should be implemented across all of Central Florida by March 2010.

    For more information on this program, please call 321-332-1550

    Anyone done work for this group?:confused:
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    Looks like there will cheap lawn care equipment for sale in Florida in a few months. We used to do a section 8 housing project that had 60 lots. We basically mowed the entire site as one and only blew off the drives and walks. No trimming or edging. I think we charge something like $1200.00 for two days worth of work. Still aroung $20.00 a lot. Every two weeks.
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    Does this not concern anyone? Follow the link, click on news and scroll to the bottom and read the paragraph about helping High Schoolers start their own business. Also look at the jobs. 25 jobs nets $225.00.
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    i dont like the sound of that;);)

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