Ever lost a customer this way?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MWHC, Mar 14, 2002.

  1. MWHC

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    from Wyoming
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    Just wondering if anyone has lost customers in this way?

    I have had this customer for about 10 years now, prompt payer / full service account. This March she pleaded guilty to stealing from charaties to the tune of 1 million $$$. She now is selling all of her assets and is probably headed to jail.

    Just thought this was an odd way to loose an account. Usually I loose accounts because they move or die on me.
  2. kerr lawn

    kerr lawn LawnSite Member
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    smile and shack your head, because i know you got more grass to cut LOL
    that is a good one, but no i have never lost somebody like that.
  3. keifer

    keifer LawnSite Senior Member
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    The last one I lost went to the old folks home and sold her house. Not nearly as exciting as yours.
  4. That's the first I have heard of that.

    Better than to a scrub!!!! he he he LOL
  5. AGG Lawn Maintenance

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    Wow!!! The only thing that happened to me is a girl I know, who used to work at a bank, told me if I ever needed a loan to expand my business she knows people who can help me. At the time my credit wasn't so good so I passed. A couple of years latter she made front page of the local newspaper for stealing money from the bank. Some how she was stealing it through business owners deposits. If I remember correctly she stole a total of $150k. This was over a period of time. Why it took the bank so long to realize money was missing I'll never know. If I am missing $2.00 I know. The newspaper put the worst picture of her in the paper. It looked like she hadn’t slept in two weeks. I guess its a good thing I didn't take her up on the offer.:angel:
  6. Barkleymut

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    If your solo or a small operator you should have someone lined up to take her spot. That is quite an amusing way to lose a customer though.
  7. JimLewis

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    Chicks stopping service because they got caught for embezling millions? Sure! Happens all the time here. I get 2 or 3 a month.
  8. Good thing I don't work near you. Might have to wait a few years to get paid.:rolleyes:
  9. Toroguy

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    I lost one due to a Murder charge, ended as a manslaughter conviction. The customer was always great!

    Without all the money embezzled, they wouldnt have been able to pay, do you feel guilty by association?
  10. Grass_Slayer

    Grass_Slayer LawnSite Member
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    cant say that i have lost one like that.

    The rest of your post was not acceptable due to your wording. This is not the men's locker room

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