Ever quit a job w/o one lined up??

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Jdmtnbikr, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. Jdmtnbikr

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    Im talking a regular 40+hr a week job working for someone else. I work for a interior plantscaping company that I have been with for 3+ years and am really really sick of it. Management has gone to ****, people are leaving left and right, no room for growth etc etc. I have looked for other jobs and have gone on a few interviews the last few weeks that went "ok".
    Aside from that I am *trying* to get my own side landscaping/interior plantscaping business off the ground, not much luck at all (1 client) so far. Then again I havent put a TON of effort into it thus far.

    Question is, anyone just up and leave a job in the past without one lined up? What happened? Mistake? (obviously it kind of is in a way, but maybe it will light some motivational fire??) Im thinking the feeling would be SOO good just to quit, but not sure what would happen when that feeling goes away :)

  2. LB1234

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    grass is always greener on the other side...

    sorry I couldn't resist...:waving:
  3. 1MajorTom

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    Quitting a job without having another one lined up is just downright stupid. You have to work right? Why stick yourself in a situation where you might struggle finding work for a few months. Have a job before you quit.

    With that said, yep, I was a stupid one that quit a long term job without knowing what I was going to do. I walked right upstairs into the boss's office, he was actually taking a nap in his recliner, when I barged in. Wow, thinking back on it, I can't believe I said the things I did, and yes it felt really good. But later I realized it was just plain dumb to burn that bridge like that.
    Don't quit in a haste, take care of yourself first and find the employment you need before you tell 'em to shove it.
  4. Jdmtnbikr

    Jdmtnbikr LawnSite Member
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    Trust me, anything would be greener. The grass on this side is not only brown, but it hasnt been watered in 2 years :) The only sweet thing about the job is I usually work 6-1030am, and get paid the full 8 hours. So that does leave me time to look for other work. Just really really sick of it there, but I guess I should just stick it out :cry:
  5. mcwlandscaping

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    How do you manage that? Ide stick it out, you work half a day and get paid for a full day, or am i not understanding it right
  6. Jdmtnbikr

    Jdmtnbikr LawnSite Member
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    I work an independant route in the field, once my route is done, I am done. I can't see how they think it's 8 hours worth of work :) Again, I love that part of it. I just feel in a total rut there, part of that is my own fault though I realize.
  7. sheshovel

    sheshovel LawnSite Fanatic
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    Acually by doing just that..I started in this biz.
  8. Jdmtnbikr

    Jdmtnbikr LawnSite Member
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    Yea, seems you are the exception. That scenario is what keeps playing in my head. Quit the job, magically everything comes together. That would be sweet.
  9. Lawn Masters

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    I did that last year, then I was looking for another job for a LONG time, didnt decide to get into this on my own till a few months ago, and now its starting to pay off.
  10. Necroshine

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    I did. I spent 4 years with Home Depot in Vegas, moved to Florida and transferred to a really crappy store. Spent two days there before I walked out. I got a job as a Merchandiser for Scotts the week, so I lucked out.

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