Ever Report a Former Customer????

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LAWNS AND MOWER, Oct 8, 2002.


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    I use to do a rental house for a local slumlord. Was a very high exposure account. We had a falling out and went our own ways. Been mowing this account for 10 years, so quite a few people knew I maintained this yard. This account went 4 weeks without being mowed. My town has a ordinance that states grass must not get over 10 inches tall, or else they can fine you $25/day. I took it upon myself to report this slumlord. 2 days later I saw some scrub mowing it. I have since reported this slumlord 3 other times this year. He's not getting the hint.

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    Did that to a residential account who decided he didn't want to pay his bill. I believe it cost him more in fines than it would of if he'd just paid me for my services.

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