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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by J&T Kiev, May 6, 2007.

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    First time post,

    A dealer in Illinois carries the Ever-ride line of mowers. He has some very good prices on the Scorpion, and Scorpion FX 52-inch fixed deck stand-on mowers. You guys that have Ever-ride Scorpion’s, are they any good? Do they hold up under heavy duty conditions and work load? How is the quality of cut? The Scorpion FX is a fixed deck machine, do fixed deck stand on's have a tendency to scalp? Is there a steep learning curve for stand on mowers in general? Thanks in advance for any information and comments about the mower.

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    I bought a scorpion 52 last spring and put 700 hours on it last year. I love it. It is easy to learn how to cut with it. It cuts well too. The machine is built heavier than its older bro the super surfer, which I have also with 1800 hours on it. The factory that builds them is great in their quality control and customer service has been awesome.
    I would go with the floating deck. It will save you a lot of time being able to change height especially in spring when its growing fast. I also use an accelerator bag with it. I recomended buying one to my brother who ran a tiger cub and swore by it. He now swears by the scorpion.
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    how much do their WB's run price wise?
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    Thanks for your information.

    I looked at the hydro walk-behinds, but did not get any pricing information. They looked to be well constructed, with heavy duty components. I did read some specifications, the hydro mower comes in 48 inch, with 15 and 17 horse power Kawasaki engine options.The Ever-ride specs have it rated as having a blade tip speed of 19000.The steering controls look like the same loop handle design used on the Scorpion stand on. The walk-behinds look to be heavy duty quality mowers.

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