Ever seen or used one of these?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by DanaMac, Jul 12, 2010.

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    Did he use a loaf of bread THIS BIG?


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    Caution - Pressure buildup may dislodge the plug. Take care not to position yourself directly in front of the piping where the water stopper is being inserted.
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    I got called out to a job a few years back. The owner said she had someone else come out to fix a leak at the D/C, but she said they would not come back. She said she had low pressure on half of her house and they said it was not their problem. When I got there I asked her about the co. and she didn't think too much of them. She said they kept asking her for some bread and all she had was multigrain and she said they seemed to be offended. I cleaned out the aerators on the faucets and all was well.
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    Yes , should be mentioned that white bread is what you want, no crust either.
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    Oh geez, I'm new to this forum... this reminds me of one of my imbicile workmen stuffing whole grain bread into the water line from the meter to the house as we repaired it. (Water Co. imstalled new meter boxes right on top of the PVC... one lawn mower and snap).

    Had to replace to faucets, waterline to fridge and all accoutrements, etc... what a FUBAR.

    i'm glad it's not just me. :)
  6. WalkGood

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    You only *need* a ball of bread slightly larger than the pipe diameter. Flush clear to closest spigot or faucet WITHOUT the aerator screen in place.
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    Yup, bread works good. Just make sure your guys don't use flour tortillas.
    I've also used balloons on irrigation mainlines and discharge lines. Balloon either comes out at a head or gets hung up in a valve.
  8. txgrassguy

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    I don't think it would work to well on pvc or poly pipe - anyone try it out on this stuff?
  9. WalkGood

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    I do not do PVC, cannot answer. Although I figure PVC needs to be dry for the glue to work? Is there a PVC glue that would work on PVC with water drizzling out?

    But it *could* work on poly, although I don't know why you would need it. Poly fittings do not need to be dry to go together.

    Either way, maybe a big matzo ball would work on the big pipes. ;)
  10. Cloud9Landscapes

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    Glad someone mentioned the jet-swet, the freezing thing looks too easy to break and I don't want to worry about the cartridges.

    I don't own a jet-swet, but about 2 months ago I REALLY wish I had one. I had cut out a section of the copper house supply to replace the main shut-off for the house and to install a tee and valve for the valves. Well, it turns out the 50 year old valve street shutoff was faulty and would let enough water to go by to stop my solder from getting hot. "No problem" I thought, nothing a little sourdough can't solve. WRONG. The water would boil up and stop my solder from getting hot. "Great, now I have a customer with no water!", man was I cussing up a storm. I thought through all my options and then I remembered those shark-bite fittings. So I went to home cheapo to pick up a shark-bite tee and then I installed it. Problem solved. I don't know what I would have done 4 or 5 year ago when shark-bite fittings weren't around. I normally am anti home depot but man was I glad to get that problem solved!

    So, I think I might stock a jet-swet in my tool kit fro now on. You can buy them individually online which is quite handy.

    *EDIT* Oh, never use paper towel as a temporary stopper. I have another story about that one which I'm a little embarrassed about. Lets just say, it resulted in the customer having no hot water due to a clogged water heater inlet. Fixed that one too. I swear I'm part plumber! Sometimes, learning the hard way is the best way.
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