Ever Trigger the Alarm System????

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LAWNS AND MOWER, Aug 26, 2002.


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    Was doing some weedeating couple days ago at a commercial acct that was closed. Slung a small rock into a window. Not hard enough to break the window but hard enough to set off the alarm. Didn't hear anything but my towns finest was in the parking lot 5 minutes later!!!!! One other time, back when I had a helper, we pulled into a acct. Noticed a tennis ball in the driveway. The owner was out of town. I picked up the ball and my helper got a stick from the woods. I threw him my wicked fastball and he missed it. The ball bounced 4 times before tapping one of the windows. Next thing we know, we hear "BEEP BEEP BEEP". We grab the mowers and start cutting. Kid you not, it took the law 25 minutes to respond. I use the word respond very loosely because they drove by the house we were mowing 4 times before I flagged them down to explain what had happened.

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    i used to work for a company that did some accounts in a neighborhood renowned for being a mafia area.

    i wasn't on the crew but the guys would be in the garden, or off in some corner of the prop, and the tiny security camera's would follow them. they had them all over, and they literally would follow a guy from shrub to shrub when pruning.

    a bit unsettling:cool:
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    Every spring and fall, it seems like this happens a few times. Mostly from using the wheeled blowers next to the house. When we used to use the old Giant Vac 'neighbor haters' it would happen a lot. Mike
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    Have a customer who is a heart surgen, we were doing her lawn and when we were leaving I noticed she was pulling in along with two police cars , they were staring at us when we were leaving .I didnt think anything of it till I got home and received a phone call from her asking why I didnt stop and find out what was going on (actually she was screaming at me ) . I told her it really was none of my business what was going on .
    She had been at work when she got a page telling her that her silent alarm had been activated at her residence ,she had to leave work and i guess that really fired her up .So I drive out there and she is still yelling at me asking me what the hell happened , with a little investigative work I found a perfect hole in her front window about the size of a eraser . The edger had picked up an acorne and slung it right through the window and stopped when it hit the drapes ,i told her what must have happened ,and she just didnt get it .She kept telling me that I knew we did it ,and thats the reason we left when they got there .No we were finished and had i known i would have fixed it . Any way we replaced the pane and she was cancelled the following month .No love lost > tthis business is too hard to deal with people like that.Hope she never has to work on my heart.
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    One of my guys triggered the alarm system on a Mercedes 600 sedan a couple of years ago. Yep, threw a small stone through the rear window and set it off.

    Boy am I glad I have only a $100 deductable:D That baby was expensive!!!
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    We were mowing a house years ago when the police showed up. The homeowners were not home, and the alarm was going off (no outside horn). What we finally figured out happened was that they had the "kiddie" alarm for their pool, and one of our mowers probably threw a stick or rock into the pool. These are the alarms that some insurance companies insist you install in your pool. If the water is disturbed (a certain amount), the alarm goes off. Sometimes these alarms are hooked together with a "gate" alarm, so if the pool fence gate is opened (say, to mow the grass!) the alarm will go off. These alarms are supposed to be for the safety of small kids, to let the parents know if anyone falls into the pool (or trys to get to it through the gate).

    Later on, the customer disabled the pool alarm, as have all of my other customers with pool alarms.
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    Last year I was doing some landscaping at one of my customers homes. We had a good relationship so I had the code to get into his garage and he told me if I ever had to use the restroom feel free to go ahead inside. He has an alarm, but never sets it, and if he does he locks the door.
    This particular week he was on vacation and his dad was watching the house he set the alarm and left the door open when I went in it set off the alarm.
    I continued working and eventually the cops showed up, wandering who we were and what we were doing there. I told them that I do yard work for them, hence the backpack blower on my back. I also explained that I have the code to get into the garage and have been given permission to use the restroom. After looking around some more the took all of my information and left.
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    We were installing a retaining wall at the county retirement home, unkown to us the air handling system was located near where we where cutting block. Seems the sensors in the duct work thought our dust was smoke and set off the fire alarm, in a matter on minutes we had 35 fire trucks and ambulances in the parking lot :) We moved our saws and had them turn off the alarm system for the duct work each day we worked from then on.

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