ever used a bark blower?????

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by swing blade, May 5, 2003.

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    I wanted to get some of your opinions on barkblowers. Are they worth the cost to buy them, are they productive, what size unit would you recommend, and anything else you know about them.

    Swing blade
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    i think it all depends on how much work you have for the blower. i worked for a lco in my town last year, and he had a finn aim and shoot bark blower mounted on a international platform. i beleive it held like 21 yards. if you make the investment for a bark blower, you need to keep it busy to get return on investment. ive seen at least three lcos in my town who bought the finn tow behind bark blower that you just keep loading with the bobcat. either way, these bark blowers save a ton of time, and you can mulch in places you never thought possible. i didnt work with the bark blower very much last year, but the times i did, i was completely impressed on how quick you could spread mulch.
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    thanks for the info mdb. I have never used one but i know they are very productive. I am a customer rep for Pitzer's lawn managment in oklahoma city and we have a ton of mulch to put down. our highest priced group of clients is the guilardia development with their private golf club. we manage all the watering for all of the commons areas, mow all of the commons areas, and do probably 80 % of the homes in guilardia. these homes are 800k to 2.2 million, so they want everything mulched constantly, and they want it done NOW. Sometimes they drive me up the wall, but they are our bread n butter. I think my boss is going to get a towable unit and see what we can do with it.

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