Ever wonder how much you walk a day?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by gcbailey, Sep 4, 2013.

  1. TPendagast

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    If you had a 48" walk behind mower.
    an acre is roughly 44,000 sq ft.
    so thats 11,000 lin feet of walking (actually more because you go around trees and do a few laps not he outside etc etc)
    at an average walking speed you would knock out 4 of those a day.

    44000 lineal feet.

    That's a bit over 8 miles a day.
    40 miles a week (this isn't counting trimming, blowing, etc)

    So it's safe to say a guy with a walk behind could be doing 50 miles a week.
    Dudes with 30" and 21" would probably be doing more, but would have to factor in more travel on the route because of smaller lawns, so it might average out.

    50 miles per week, 200 miles per month,
    1200-1400 miles in a typical season.

    I wonder what the "mileage average" on a vibram sole lug is?

    I vote 350 miles.
  2. TPendagast

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    this me boyo is why kilts were made!

    utilikilts …no landscaper should work without the freedom of going commando!
  3. Groomer

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    sounds about right.

    I'm running all 48" walks.

    Finished up a big month today-and weighed a 143.8 at 5'9".

    Whole lotta walkin' in May!
  4. gcbailey

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    I tend to go through a pair of boots per season...

    You can compare last year's Irish Setter to this years Georgia Boots w/Vibram. This years boots were purchased in mid-April....

    On the Irish Setters notice the lug toward the front of the toe compared to the mid-toe... good bit of wear.

    IMG_1565 (Small).JPG

    IMG_1566 (Small).JPG

    IMG_1567 (Small).JPG

    IMG_1565 (Small).JPG

    IMG_1566 (Small).JPG

    IMG_1567 (Small).JPG
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    8 miles a day sounds right. A cell phone based pedometer logged that. No wonder I can eat what I do and not put on weight. Might be different if I rode around on a utility vehicle or sat down to mow for 8 hours a day.
  6. greendoctor

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    Running is a stress on the body that can outweigh the benefits of the exercise. Walking is more gentle. The Europeans and Asians do a lot of walking in the course of a day. Not like us jumping into our SUV to go get some fast food or another case of beer. On big properties I deal with, I see the daily staff on golf carts rather than on foot. Of course, they are carrying extra ballast.
  7. gcbailey

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    I have this conversation a LOT with my wife... She's a hardcore runner... She runs several half marathons per season and almost every other weekend a 5k or 10k race along with her daily 3 miles.

    In the case of someone in lawn care / landscaping we usually have something in our hands or pushing something too. I work out pretty decent, but the muscles involved carrying a 10lb+ trimmer all over a hilly property or a 40lb+ backpack sprayer lets you know that you have muscles you didn't even realize!
  8. Glenn Lawn Care

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    Both my veilkes had a flat tires today so I had to walk everything. I don't know how far I walked but Mondays are my biggest accounts. I'm a little sore this evening ti say the least.
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  9. Chilehead

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    17-20 miles daily per my pedometer.
  10. RedSox4Life

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    So true.

    There was a point I was pretty heavy into powerlifting. I was squatting over 400, and dead lifting over 460. It still sucked running a 10lb trimmer all day. Or blowing leaves in the fall....that was the worst.

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