Ever wonder how much you walk a day?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by gcbailey, Sep 4, 2013.

  1. GreenI.A.

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    I'm a pretty avid mountain biker, so I have tried just about every gps enabled maping/distance measuring app. The one I have found to be best is Bike Brain. Now I'm tempted to go out with my guys and do a day of fert just to see how much is done in a day.
  2. gcbailey

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    Yup... I've lifted since high school and "force" myself to run a couple miles per day during the winter. The muscles you train lifting weights and doing static running on a treadmill are totally different than the muscles you use lugging trimmers, sprayers, mulch, wheelbarrows, whatever... around all day in the field.

    Forget all these guys doing crossfit and spartan races. I've challenged some of my buddies who are into that to come work for me for a day and see how "hardcore" they are, hahaha.
  3. greendoctor

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    I know. I have seen 180-200 lb men say forget it when I show them my spray rig. A 7 gallon engine drive backpack sprayer. Normal mode of operation is to fit a 3 nozzle boom and march across lawns at 2 MPH. That is the easy job. A little more challenging is hiking up hill to spray invasive species. Keep in mind that I am the size of an 11 year old boy.
  4. mowman13

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    One of my lawns, mowed today: 33,000 square feet, lots of hills. Mowed the entire thing with a 21" Toro mower :)weightlifter:). 11,124 steps, 6.71 miles walked! I'm going to sleep well tonight :walking:
  5. Groomer

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    6+ miles on one lawn?

    maybe time to upsize from that 21", lol.
  6. justgeorge

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    You guys are all lightweights. I run (mostly in the winter) so I have a nice GPS running watch. I've worn it a few times while mowing; our Thursday/Friday route is all in the same subdivision. On those days I get 10-15 miles.

    Once a few years ago due to rain coming I had to mow 39 lawns (all walked with a 48" Turf Tracer) in one 12 1/2 hour day. Had one guy on the trimmer and blower. That day I was over 20 miles when the battery on the watch gave out.
  7. RedSox4Life

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    I think the problem is that we're NOT lightweights.
  8. mowman13

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    It's not that bad, lol. I actually had a sulky I made for a prior 21" (also self propelled). It was fun until the gearbox wore out :hammerhead: . I'm sort of a lawnmower hardware hacker ;) .
  9. gcbailey

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    A sulky for a 21" mower, what do you weigh, 70lbs? haha
  10. Groomer

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    That's borderline absurd.

    I bet the 30 and above lawns were showing some ...well, operator fatigue?

    I run all 48" turf tracers, walk only, but not to that extreme.

    Maybe you should try 2 48's? then you could cut 60 a day! lol

    Mow power to ya, bro.

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