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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Oct 13, 2005.

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    have you ever estimated for, or worked for a former lco? over, like the last 2 yrs, i've gone on estimates for work at 5-6 former lawn boys homes. it doesn't turn out well at all. you see, these people all "used to be" in this business. here are the problems i've encountered with them: all of them said my prices are too high. one of them wanted to "be there to supervise" when i came by to do the initial work. he also suggested that by not bagging the clippings, it raises the level of the property. another thought it was unfair to charge for leaf cleanup in the fall, insisting that "all i have to do, is suck them up with the mower, what's the big deal?" another thought that i should keep the beds weeded as part of the weekly mowing, at no additional fee, after all, "that's the way i used to do it." another suggested that i didn't have the proper equipment. and yet another, wanted it cut, "when i call you." what did all these people have in common? they were all former lco owners, and they all, failed. yet, they did not even understand why they failed, they wanted me, to make the same mistakes, they made. ever quote for, or do work for, a former lco?
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    They must be doing well now if they can afford to hire someone else to cut their lawn................

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    I read this to say that LOC's will fail at that job but than go on to succeed enough to buy a house and have the money to hire a LOC.
    I guess what Bobby is telling us is to quit and go out and get a real job with real money so we can jack around LOCs.
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    i would just ask them why they are not doing it anymore? be blunt!!! i know it sounds harsh, i had a woman tell me that she was a lco many years ago, and she knew all of the tricks, she was telling me how to take care of the flower beds and all, but when i asked her why there was saplings in her flower bed and when i asked her what she would use for a chemical to apply on the lawns ,she didnt know what to say, most people tell you this just so you think you cant get away with anything, but what they dont realize is how stupid they sound.....
  5. bobbygedd

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    wrong, wrong, wrong. in fact, THEY COULDN'T AFFORD to hire me, they moaned on the prices. doing good? i don't know, but what i do know, is they failed, and they didn't know why.

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    You type faster than me!!
  7. Kelly's Landscaping

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    One of my first accounts claimed to have cut 200 lawns a week back in his day the guy is like 80 years old. So he’s been cool to work for the real sweet part was getting his son’s lawn. While his is a small $26 dollar cut his son is a large 40 and that landed me 4 neighbors so now the son’s stop is a $230 stop.
  8. jimmbo407

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    One of my best customers is an ex-lco. He pays on time, doesn't balk at prices, and has even given me good free advice. He is an engineer making mid 6 figures. He put himself through college and supported himself after college, running a lco. I think he is one of my best customers.
  9. jgc8fan

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    One of my best customers "WAS" a former LCO... Never had problems, and we never even had to give him a mowing schedule. He already knew what what the mowing frequency was and always paid correctly before we had to let him know we were gonna go weekly or bi-monthly during winter.

    He is doing really well doing landscape installs, and we kinda shot ourselves in the foot on that one because all his talks with us gave him an itch to start up his own LCO as an add on to the install service which is why he is now a "was" customer.
  10. Precision

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    Or really lazy and that is why they are a former LCO

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