Evergreen Trees & Property Line

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by sparking, Oct 4, 2003.

  1. sparking

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    I saw a situation that I believe will be a problem in the future. My neighbor, who I have had problems w/ was planting about 20+ young evergrens-norway & blue spruce, white pines, etc just 2' on their side of the property line-my west property line. Which places the trees 7-8' from a portion of my driveway, among other things.

    These trees TODAY are 3-4' tall, but will become 20-40' in diameter and 60-90' tall. So, they will eventually be 2-12' ACROSS my driveway!! I somewhat nicely pointed out all this to the neighbor as they were planting the second tree. Also, maybe this would be above and beyond the average neighbors concern, but I also pointed out that this will block winter sun (we have so little of it in Michigan as it is) and that it will block the cooling summer breezes.

    I am most concerned about the 8'-18' that will be on my side. I think I am being reasonable??. This neighbor has approx. an acre of vacant land between our line and their house. I asked if this neighbor could move them 10'+ more off the line. The reply was, "We will be dead before they get big!" and "Just trim them when they get to your driveway". We are in our early 40's so I hope that isn't true. Plus, I think that is a dumb arguement.

    Legally, I know I can wack at, all day long, anything on my side of the line, as long as I don't kill it. That would look stupid-it would butcher the tree. And they are being planted 5-6' apart-will grow distorted.

    What do you think? When can I expect them to hit my drive?
    What is the recommended spacing off property line?

    Guess I just lost all land west of the drive (250' X 15'=3,750 sq ').

  2. Grassmechanic

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    I would just whack them. And if they died, I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.
  3. Mfinley919

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    Wait untill about mid winter and have the round up fairy visit them. By the time spring rolls around they will be dead and your neighbor will blame it on the harsh winter killing them before they got established.

    Nasty? Yes, but stupid is what stupid does.
  4. Catcher

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    What Mfinley said.

    I love trees, hate to kill them for no good reason - but there's also a limit to what one should take.
    I've planted evergreens a few years back and mulched them in real good - leaving about 4-5 feet of mulch between the largest branch and the lawn for future growth. I think it only took about 3 to 4 years for the branches to over-grow this cleared area. I will now have to remove more sod to avoid damaging the tree-tips with a mower.
    Your problem with sun and cooling breezes may not be averted by planting the trees further away from the property line, but I would find it beyond ignorant and rude - especially after pointing the concerns out to them - to plant trees that close to a drive or building.
    Sooooo, seeing that it obviously doesn't concern your neighbours what kind of a problem they are creating for you (even after trimming the heck out of them after reaching some height, it'll look real shabby from your side) I would either jump to action now, or - keep the trees small in general by having the deer (if convenient) or some other animal 'nibble' off the offensive tops.
    Effectively trimming the tree-line into an un-offensive hedge-line.
  5. dvmcmrhp52

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    I love The Roundup fairy Idea.That's pretty much what I was thinking before I got to his post. Nasty Ya,But your neighbor is an equine arse.

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