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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Dnemo, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. Dnemo

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    Hi ALL!

    The distributer rep for Everride brought by a 60"Warrior, 52"Hornet, and 52" Scorpion Stander last Friday. We are considering picking the line up and wanted to spend a little time with the machines. We had a couple of guys come by and play with them also. All in all we were impressed with the machines. I personally was intrigued by the deck design. I understand the idea behind the deck, but I wonder if it trully works as well as the rep claimed. The sales rep claimed that it was virtually impossible to clog the deck and that clumpy was just as unlikely. The mowers all appeared to be well built, heavy duty construction, and everything seemed to fit. I'll seperate the machines and give you some of our thoughts on them.

    Warrior 60" 25hp Kaw
    Everybody liked it. Seemed to have a low center of gravity. Plenty of ground speed. Handled well. Liked that you could lock out the articulating front axle. Deck is heavy and durable. Greasable deck spindles. Held a small wet hill very well. The standard suspension seat helped smooth out the ride.
    Nobody had any complaints.

    Hornet 52" 23hp Kaw
    Seemed to be more of a entry commercial/quality homeowner machine. Same deck quality as the Warrior, smaller narrower front axle, however still seemed stable. Unbelievable value. The machine we tested included a fixed ROPS and we could sell the unit for around $5,500. That's a steal in my opinion.

    Scorpion 52" 23 Koh Stander
    Everybody really like this machine. What a great machine. Around the same price as a hydro walk, but a faster more productive machine in our opinion. Cheaper than a ZTR, but just as productive. All of us agreed this was our favorite machine of the 3 we looked at. If I we buying a machine for either commercial or residential use, this would probably be the machine for me.

    We basically liked all the machines, the pricing on all was better than average. The lifetime deck and frame warranty is tough to beat, and the 0% for 36months is hard to turn your back on.

    Anyone with any input is more than welcome to share it. We would like to hear whatever you have to say, good or bad.

    Thanks and have a great week!
  2. Willofalltrades

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    Positive reviews... shine even more light on the increasingly popular brand... I haven't heard a bad thing yet lol
  3. Mowman16

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    I wold love to do a side by side comparison.....actually i am sure there is no comparison LOL :laugh: :laugh: .
  4. corey4671

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    gotta love em! Wishing I had bought mine LONG before I did. I guess I was jsut concerned with the lack of name recognition. However, a couple of days with a demo and I was SOLD! I agree with Scorpion FX, I was a little jerky with it when I demoed it a few weeks ago, but if I were in the market today for another mower, this would be the one. Oh and I got to do a side by side comparison with the scorpion and a wright stander as the distributor handles both brands and just happened to have a wright on the truck. no comparison. scorpion wins hands down! Go out a gitcha one or two of these beasts while the financing is available folks! I was lucky enough to get mine last fall with no payments for 6 months so I was ready to roll this month when the grass started growing!
  5. shop22

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    we picked up the line last year and so far not many complaints. Only problem i can see when i demoed at my house is in very tall grass it leaved tall clippings. The design of the deck does not cut them into fine pieces, but I also cut some stuff almost knee high and it only left a couple strgglers behind. well built machine in my opinion.
  6. corey4671

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    I noticed that Jungle Jims now offers a baffle kit for the Warrior. I WILL have one of those before this fall. The Warrior as is is NOT the mower for cutting and mulching leaves.
  7. lzrj

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    I agree with the tall clippings. The deck is designed to go through high grass and that it does very well. But that does create the only downside as well that I have noticed. It does spit out the long blades of grass and not fine pieces. But with that being the only complaint, I do rate this mower very highly. Now only if the company works on more assoreries for the Warrior like a mulch kit. There was a thread a while back stating the company was working on a mulch kit but I have not heard that first hand.
  8. Envy Lawn Service

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    How did the Encore thing ever turn out?

    Was it a bust?

    As far as Everride goes, I'm still wondering about their future in the industry.
    All things considered, you ought to be able to buy one dirt cheap.

    I think if they would blow out a bunch of stock at a low margin it might help them.

    I think Everride is cool though because of the Everflo deck.
    Not because I think it's the greatest, but I think that it's cool they offer something different.
    The industry as a whole needs the variety in deck style.

    To me though, the Everride deck setup strikes me as more of a farm mower than a finish mower.
  9. Dnemo

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    We have'nt said no to Encore yet, we are just checking out some of the other brands available to us. The Encore distributer for are area is also sells Hustler. Hustler is a brand we are very interested in however, they tell us we are to close to the next dealer, about 40min north of us. The Everride distributer also handles Bobcat, which we are also interested in. I guess a lot of it will come down to which distributer will work with us. I have also been thinking about visiting both places to get a feel for unit and parts inventories. Anyway, these are the 4 brands we are looking at right now. We did like the Everrides very much, and the pricing to both the dealer and the customer are very good. The Everrides look to be quality mowers. The deck and frame warranty is a nice selling point, and then there is the incredible financing they have right now. Finally, if I was a homeowner in the market for a new ZTR machine right now. The Hornet would be what I would buy!

  10. br549oicu8

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    I bought 2 Warriors 2 years ago and am very happy with them. Both are 54's due to lawn size restrictions. I like the seat and the service space provided by design. I wonder if Gator Blades might be a good thing to try to grind the clippings further before discharge. The mowers do a great job discharging that's for sure!!!!
    I am getting ready to order 2 more Warriors to outfit an additional crew and I feel for the money it is a hard mower to beat!
    Prices are real right now too!!!
    I found 2 locals that will seel the Warrior 54 Kawasaki for $7100.
    Not a bad deal!

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