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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by camelotWI, May 5, 2005.

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    Yesterday I had the opportunity to tour the Everride Manufacturing plant in Auburn Nebraska, All I can say is "WoW" This Company is State of the Art. Not only do they have a great manufacturing facility, but they have a huge engineering department that is commited to building a product that is the best and thoroughly tested. They are not a new manufacturer, just new to the ZTR market.

    If your looking to buy a new ZTR you must try one of these. It had rained just before I took the 27 hp kohler powered unit with a 60" deck for a ride and It did a fantastic job. The grass I mowed was 7 to 8 inches tall and I cut at 3". No uncut grass left behind! They have an 1 1\2 blade overlap engineered into the deck design. Huge discharge area and a deflector that won't damage or get damaged from comming to close to other objects. I could also adjust the HOC from the seat in about 5 seconds. One of the best things about the unit is the obvious ease of getting at all components for service. Check out www.everride.com Thanks to everone at Everride for the hospitality.

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    This sounds like a sales pitch from an over zealous factory rep. How can a small company like Everride have a HUGE manufacturing plant and a HUGE engineering staff?

    Everride is not even a known brand in my area.
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    because everride is not the only brand they make. I *think* that they make the CAT equipement too. I've seen a picture of their manufactering plant, and it looks pretty big.

    I would LOVE to own one of the everride mowers. I think that they will give exmark a run for mymoney.
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    HUMMMM....Your very FIRST post on LS and you decide to push a certain product?? I'd bet two things. 1) You either work for or sale this brand and 2) you didn't bother to read the LS Rules because you are not allowed to post advertisements and links to non-paing Sponsor's websites. But if you contact Sean I'm sure you can pay-up and become a Sponsor. :waving:

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    Not so newbie here!!!
    Thanks for the info on the Everide Plant. I would like to do the tour myself. We just bought a new Everride and love it. Fast and clean.
    I bought it and a new Kubota ZD28 the same day. The Everride cuts cleaner and faster. Now the Kubota cuts great and will last much longer for sure but this machine is very well engineered. Will be buying at least one more this year.
    Thanks to the Starter of this thread!

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