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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by WREBELMACHINE, Aug 22, 2006.


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    Got a phone call this morning from my dealer who sells Everide. He told me of a new financing program to pass around to some of the other cutters. I told him I would I wish they had this on the Encore machines but they don't. Anyhow here it is

    0% for 36months first payment in 6 months. Pretty Decent!

    Too bad Everide does not have a 72" and a Diesel!
  2. 7 IRON

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    Wow!I Wish John Deere Would Be that aggressive With Their Financing For
    The Last Sales Push Of The Year.They Will Give You 12 Months No In/No Pay/.But Then Standard Rates With A 5% COST TO THE SELLING DEALER!
  3. Green King

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    Wow that is a deal! I wonder if the other brands will offer that?

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