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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by pail25, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. pail25

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    I am looking to buy an Everide Hornet 19/48 or 25/48 in the next month. I live in Mcleansville NC. I am having a hard time getting a honest price on the units. I looked at both units at a dealer in Reidsville NC. When I starting asking about the price the dealer would not give me a straight answer. I told him that the everride website had an ad posted that said they were offering a 1000 dollar rebate. He then said that deal expired a month ago. Today, I went on the website and printed out the ad and I am thinking that I am going to go back with the printed out ad this weekend. I was wondering if anyone knows the retail price of these units. I want to make sure I am getting a fair deal. The dealer told me 3 different prices last week. 6600 then 6000 and finally 5699.
  2. corey4671

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  3. pail25

    pail25 LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the Ebay listing that is a great deal. I would pay 4975 today if that was not a 20 hour drive for me. I am going to try to use it as ammo.
  4. nmurph

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    why would you want to deal with dealer that has either lied to you, or doesn't keep himself abreast of the promos for his company? i say go with a different color of yellow mower.
  5. fastcutter

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    most small engine and lawn mower shop will Lie to you. I have been around 20 years and heard it all.
  6. Tony

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    pail25, Google "Everride Hornet" for more dealers close to you.
  7. TarheelTLC

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    I purchased a hornet 19/48 for $5499 not including tax from a dealer in Fayetteville, N.C. This was in May so I believe the special was $1500 rebate at that time with 0% finance rate.
  8. pail25

    pail25 LawnSite Member
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    Are you satified with your purchase? Have you had any problems?
  9. TarheelTLC

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    No complaints....No problems...The frame and deck are definitely built to last. It is one heavy machine. Everything is extremely easy to get to and seems to be well engineered. One yard that I do has a steep front yard that will challenge the 19 Kaw when the grass has grown much at all. That shouldn't alarm you too much becasue when I say steep I mean really steep. In places going down the hill if you try to stop , the unit is so heavy, it will slide for a few feet no matter what you try. Also to heavy to cut across the hilll because it will break traction and start sliding down. I never had that problem with my lawn tractor. I only have a few yards that I maintain on a regular basis plus my own. Most of my work is landscaping, decks, etc. Therefore I am still under 100 hrs on the this mower. All that to say I love it so far.
  10. pail25

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    Thanks for the information. I think I will purchase one this week.

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