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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by puntrooskie, Feb 11, 2007.

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    Yesterday i looked at an everride warrior "2004" model with 187 hours that's for sale for 5 grand or best offer. I asked the owner where is the hydraulic tank located? The owner said he didn't know there was a hydraulic oil tank!!!
    The machine looks nice but when i found the tank I noticed a lot of build up where dust had attached to the leaky hydraulic oil tank. Upon opening it there was only about an inch of oil in it.
    So later that day i called a dealer and asked about what the correct value of a 2004 warrior. He said from $4500 to $5000; and additionally, in 2004 there was a hydraulic pump problem and all the everride mowers they sold had to have the pumps replaced at a cost of about $800. if the motors hadn't been damaged as well. He said they use a differant pump now in manufacture to correct that problem.
    I've read else where that someone worked for a distributor and during that time there were numerous hydraulic updates.
    I was wondering if any one could advise me on the appropriate value and /or what sort of buffer I should apply to cover for hydraulic expense? Thank you in advance for any help.
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    2,000:) :)
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    Let me tell you thatthe hydro levelwhen cold is about 2 inches from the top and the cap is self venting so if someone toped it off to the top of thefillerneck there will be oil allover as far as 04 problems I have an 04with 1300hrs i think i know its over1100 but hydros have notbeen a problem and Everride themselves recomend 300hrs on a hydro oil change

    To answer your question a buffer for hydros they cost over 1k each and there are 2 but I think 4500 is fair but i would offer 4000 and go from there I have 2 an04 and a 06 and theyaregreat
  4. puntrooskie

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    Thanks for the imput. I bought that "2004" Warrior the day befor yesterday for 3 Grand cash and drove it a mile to my house. Boy is it sweet and fast. Thanks again to all of you for taking the time to advize me . Regards, Puntrooskie
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    $3,000 !!!!!!!!!!! You stole that thing. Hope you like it. I know I really like my warrior.

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