EverRide zero turn-question


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Has anyone tested this new unit? I saw it at the home and garden show tonight and was very impressed. The Rep said you can change the blades without jacking it up. It has a braking system similiar to that of Hustler. It can cut up to six inches. It seems to have one of the largest discharge schutes of any other unit I have seem so far. It has spindle bearing similiar to Scag. If I am not mistaken, I think the Rep said that they cut five acres of grass that was over knee high in just over one hour at the six inch level. If true, this is very impressive. Unit has a unique height adjustment too. The show price was just under 7000.00 and this included a suspension seat and had an external air filter. Another unique feature is the handle adjustment to take the tension off the belts.


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I think you would be also impressed with the new Toro's too, the new decks are magic, spindle housings are 9+ inches in diameter at the base, greasable, suspension seat, deck has adjustable flow baffle, 1 deck drive belt, clever feature to keep flywheel fan clean, accesories compartment, no blow out from deck, etc, etc.

The grass demo you mentioned, I cut 1ft high of wild bermuda every day down to 3 inches in one pass, this is a walk in the park for this mower, and the cut is very clean and hardley any clumps.

Sorry for not answering your question, my point was to let you know of another very capable mower that's all, the toro z588e.

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