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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jake65, Oct 22, 2005.

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    Does anyone own or heard of EverRide Ztr's. I browsed a EverRide Warrior today. Looks very solid. Had a 25hp Kaw, 60" deck. They make it in a 27hp Kohler as well. The one thing I did notice was it had a large discharge on it. Also the blades were set back about 5" from the front of the deck to allow grass from blades 1 and 2 to discharge without getting hung up on blade 3 next to the discharge opening. I think this would be beneficial in wet tall grass. The dealer told me he was cutting 8-10" in grass and was impressed with the quality cut. Basically he said there was no straglers at all was loke a carpet. Once it stops raining, I would like to test. He also carrys Husqvarna LZ and BZ series. Any thought on those? The EverRide Warrior was priced at $7400 60" 25hp.

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    Do a search on this site for Everride Warrior, there's a recent thread about them with some user experiences, including a good pro/con from a local Rochester landscaper who has 3 of them. He's had alot of problems with them.

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