EverStone - Now offering Independent Distributorships with Protected Territory

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    Kick Off 2014 with a Recession-Proof Business!

    EverStone® The fastest growing, decorative stone resurfacing product in the USA! http://www.EverStoneFloors.com


    Whether you are an established business looking to add a new product line or a qualified individual searching for a rewarding career, becoming an EverStone independent distributor is a fantastic opportunity!

    Our unparalleled expertise in the industry, combined with a very unique product and your will to succeed can help to insure your success. Our record speaks for itself as we have helped to open over 16, independently owned and operated, locations and have trained over 100 independent individuals, nationally.

    EverStone® is only installed by and serviced by independently owned and operated distributors or contractors that have went through training in the following areas:

    - Substrate Preparation.
    - Mixing of Epoxies.
    - Job Site Preparation.
    - Safety and MSDS Concerns.
    - Installation Techniques.
    - Customer Sales and Service.

    The independent distributorship programs that we offer are very complete. They range from "training only" options to "training and material" options. Packages for qualified individuals include:

    OPTION #1


    Protected Territory (50-70 mile radius)
    Leads from web site
    Advertising Material
    Business Cards
    Job Signs
    Sample Books
    Training for one (1) crew, three people

    Normal Cost $9,500 Now Only $5,500 -
    Established Contractor Pricing $2500 - MUST HAVE ESTABLISHED BUSINESS

    To find out more about EverStone® and this dynamic opportunity!
    Email or call us today! TOLL FREE, at 1-800-290-5661
  2. whiffyspark

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    Is this for indoor or outdoor?
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  3. alldayrj

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    What is the measuring tool for an established business
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  4. EverStone

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    At least 2 years in the black with a decent credit rating. No bankruptcies or Felonies permitted and must have at least a B+ BBB rating and/or B rating on Angies list.

  5. whiffyspark

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    Thats a joke. No one uses BBB and Angie's list is setting yourself up for blackmail.

    I'd re evulaute that and you may have some one interested
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  6. larryinalabama

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    Can you post a sample contract
  7. EverStone

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    Indoor and Outdoor

    Check out our site http://www.everstonefloors.com
  8. EverStone

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    I have been a member of the BBB for 14 years with 5000 customers and 1 complaint and have always maintained an A+ rating.

    I guess our worthless Angie's List reviews of making customers happy are a waste of time as well.

    Sorry that you think that is all worthless but we are kinda proud of it.
  9. EverStone

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    The best thing to do is email me your email, name and address at info@everstonefloors.com. I can then email you an agreement.
  10. whiffyspark

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    And yeah we may be interested. I'm just trying to figure out exactly how this works and how it can benefit me

    My biggest concern on putting it over existing concrete is what happens when the concrete starts cracking?
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