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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by vaacutabove, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. vaacutabove

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    Has anyone used it targeted towards apps only. Also one of my newer customers asked if I have ever advised using something like tired of the national fert. Company over promising under delivering or something like that.
    I have a good program but not a lot of company exposure. Any thoughts on this approach good or bad idea .
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  2. grandview (2006)

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    Using it right now.costs.145 per postcard sent out. Plus the cost of having your postcard printed.You can pick out the zip code you want and down to the streets. You have to have one delivered to every house on the mailman's route.
  3. vaacutabove

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    Thanks for the response (in both forums). I think im going to do it need ideas on content thats the thing im horrible at.
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  4. vaacutabove

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    Anyone else
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  5. EquityGreen

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    I'd like to hear as well. I got an offer from my mailman for .15 cents per delivery. That's a good price. I want to.hear from the people who do both spring and fall direct mail and what the average response rate is. I know my average closing percentage just want to know what your major selling points may be depending on the season.
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  6. olcllc

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    I used it this spring. I picked three routes that had 2000 house-holds. I tried to pick routes with similar size lawns 12k -15k. i received.... and i'm guessing here, 40 plus calls. I know I added about thirty new customers from the mailing. I mailed on a Friday and on Monday the phone was ringing and i continued to get calls for two weeks.

    The total cost for 2000 mailers and the mailing was just over $600.00. Three annual customers covered the cost.

    They say to only expect a 3-5% response. Mine was more like 2% but i got 80% of those that called.
  7. Ric

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    I think 2% is a great return. I would be happy with a 1% return. I had 5,000 post cards printed for $ 600. add in the EDDM mailing costs and it was only $ 0.205 per card delivered. Add in my time counting, tagging and soring post cards and profit from 4 customers pays the cost.

  8. GreenI.A.

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    I looked into the usps program and found that it isn't worth it. At least in my market it is not. the problem with it is that it goes to EVERY residential mailbox in the desired route. If it is a multifamily home with three mailboxes, then three cards are left there. For me it is much more cost effective to do a mailing list with my desired demographics. The usps program does have it's benefits, but I think that it is best for other industries that are not targeting property owners. But other markets very well may differ.
  9. olcllc

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    I was pleased with the response. I was expecting 1%. Also you have to consider referrals from those customers you gained from the mailing. I've added another 10 or so just from the referrals.
  10. corey4671

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    My thoughts exactly. I found that in my market that in order to get to the homes I wanted, I would have the ones that I had no intentions of marketing to. I made my own list from the property assessor's website, printed labels and bought postcard stamps. I can't blame the postal service. It is a way for them to generate revenue when they are typically losing money due to email
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