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    I looked into target marketing and decided against it. First in the case of Pest Control the lower income people need it just as much as high income. Cost wise instead of $0.145 each I would be looking at 1st class mail costs plus the labor expense of individual addressing of those mailers.

    My cost for $ 5,000 Post cards printed and send EDDM is $ 1010.00. My cost to send 1,000 targeted post cards with address and Mailing list cost would be close to the same cost and only 1/5 the coverage.

    I repeat that in my case Inside & Outside pest control is valuable to every postal customer including business. I actually want to send a post card to every apt or condo owner.

    It is all about ROI (Return On Investment) and EDDM appears to be my best ROI.

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    Mine went out the past couple of weeks. picked up a few aerations and 3 small landscape jobs. I even go a call for an estimate for a relative of one of my referring partners i have listed on it that was the reason why he called me. Also in my mail I'm getting more businesses using this deal from the post office.

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