every had a dealer talk you OUT of buying something?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by corey4671, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. corey4671

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    Let me explain. I had it in my mind today to buy a Jungle Jack thinking it would make things easier as far as changing blades. My wife and I were at a lawn and garden show and I approached one of the vendors that I was fairly sure was a Jungle Jim's distributor. I asked about the Jungle Jack and the salesman told me he had some of them and needed to move them. He asked me if I was going to be using it on a WB or a ZTR to which I responded both. He cringed nad told me that it had been his experience that the Jungle Jack was not safe for use on a large ZTR. Of course with my wife standing right there to hear that, there was NO way I was going to be buying a Jungle Jack. I do have to say, I'm glad there are dealers out there that will not sell something if they think it is not safe, even if it means they miss a sale on something they need to unload.
  2. jkason

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    I'm a dealer, and constantly have customers that want to do cheap repairs.
    I give them an estimate with everything they need to do the job and be safe (including replacing safety switches, guards, etc.).

    If they don't go for it, I walk away from the repair, telling the customer (in a polite way) that they can have someone else do it.

    No way I'm going to lose my business (or my good name) because someone is a cheap S.O.B.
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    I have a exmark 60in 23 hp with a triton mulching kit on it. When i use the mulching kit, it leaves trails of grass and leaves on the right side coming out by the shout onced mowed. i figured having a mulching kit would mulch everything up, to where the is barly anything there. I have new mulching blades on there. Have any idea what could be the problem
  4. Audrey

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  5. Stillwater

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    jungle jacks totaly suck for ZTR's
  6. lifetree

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    Yes, I have ... gotta respect those types of folks !!
  7. corey4671

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    I will tell you one thing about this dealer...I'll look to him FIRST the next time I am looking to buy something!
  8. Jason Rose

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    The Jungle jack is great! I owned one and then gave it away when I sold an Exmark 52" Z. It lifted that just fine. I'd really like to have another one because using the floor jack to get under my 61" G-hopper midmount gets old, takes soooo long to get the thing up!
  9. gene gls

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    I use a chainfall and a wovan lift strap around the frame,fast and easy. I also put jack stands under the deck while the mower is up in the air.
  10. Jason Pallas

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    I use the Wack-Jack (J Thomas' version of the Jungle Jack) on all our ZTRs. It works great!! It's one of the best tools I bought last year..... echo the sentiments about using a jack stand as a safety though.

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