Every new applicator needs a Roger Hord in their life

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Victor, May 16, 2005.

  1. Victor

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    Hey guys... I'd like to tell you about a guy that lives in my area, that sure has helped me out a lot on my path to becoming more and more experienced as an applicator. His name is obviously Roger Hord. This guy has gone so far and above what I thought anyone would have done to help me, it's hard to believe. Last spring (last year was my first year doing applications) he invited me to go out and help with his first round of apps. He showed me the best way to do an app, as well as a lot of the tricks, you won't learn in the licensing books. I've had sooo many questions that he's answered for me over the past 2 years, it's not even funny.

    I can't tell you how many questions I've had, where all I had to do was pick up the phone and call him to get the answer in minutes. That sure has been a convenient resource to have over the past two years. Sometimes I feel bad about all the questions though. :blush:

    Things are going great for the application side of my business! I started with a handful of customers last year, so I could focus on learning the ropes without being overwhelmed. This year, I've focused on growing the app side of my business, now that I'm confident in my abilities as an applicator (I still have A LOT to learn though). I've been steadily adding fert customers and can see reaching my goal of only doing apps and not having to mow in the next couple of years. I'd be so happy if all I had to do was apps. While I do like mowing. The problems that come along with it, leave me liking the application side of my business much more. When the day comes, when I have enough application customers to make the switch, I'll be beside myself with joy!

    I just wanted to take this opportuntity to say thanks again for all the help you've given and still continue to give me Roger. I'd also like to thank all the great people on here that have helped me too. I really do appreciate it. Because of Roger and those of you on here who have also helped me, my lawns are looking GREAT!

    With that being said. There is one thing Buddy. Since I've got 30 (and steadily climbing) fert & squirt accounts and you've got about 450 more than that :realmad: I think you need to slide about half those accounts my way. :p j/k

  2. Tscape

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    Outstanding! Is Roger your competitor?? It just goes to show what I always say is true: There is enough business out there for all of us (except TGCL, never enough for them).
  3. Victor

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    Roger lives and services lawns on the other end of town from me. We're just friends. We have totally different service areas. :)

  4. rshofcols

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    after readinging half way thru that emotioal triplett filled drivel I damn near choked on my coffee and at the end I was blushing so hard I turned a shade of red the color on my 22-3-11 w/3% fe Advanced Turf bag. Well shucks vic your welcome and any chance I get to bring new brethren to the dark side of the fert force with implicit tips to get you arrested and make little old ladies slap the the crap out of ya cause you said 2-4,d is a suggestive manner . Have a good one man Roger
  5. Runner

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    Oh!,...so THIS is Roger! lol
    I have a mentor who is much the samwe way. We have been friends for years, now. He kept at me saying. "We need to get you started in the aps." Well, I "hem-hawed" about it for awhile, and we ran some numbers. He always said that with my prior knowledge, it would be a waste not to. He has a Bachelor degree from MSU in Turf Management, and was assistant Superintendent at Warwick Hills (home of the Buick Open) for several years, and then went to a private country club where he was Super. After awhile, he said if he's going to have 600 members "shouting and screaming" at him about the condition of their turf, then he might as well own something. So, he broke off on his own. That was in about '89, I believe. Anyway, this guy has been great, and I swear, this guy could grow grass on a rock in someone's basement. There is no other service around that grows turf like he does. It is because of HIM that my places look like they do. The customers freak. Out of all the other services they have had (including the privates), they have never had grass like they have..and they don't hesitate to tell us. Now John, still hoots on me and razzes me, but that's ok. He has room. With his program, we do everything backwards from what everyone else does. The guys at Lesco even know that we are getting stuff different than what they are selling to everyone else, but they both agree, they can't argue with the results.lol Anyway, like you, Victor, I have much to be thankful for, as well.
  6. Garth

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    I know the feeling. I worked for Coors for a few years and had a competitor's draft technician show me alot. He worked for Budweiser for 22 years when I was just coming in to the business. He gave me alot of excellent advice and because of it my reputation grew as being a professional. Then, one day Charlie was cleaning an account in a dive bar and someone asked him if he wanted to get in on a lottery pool with three other people. He tossed over $5 and said yes. His share was $14 million after taxes. He still worked for Bud for four more years so he wouldn't give up his retirement but he started taking VERY LONG vacations. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy except me perhaps.LOL

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