Every sprinkler head needs a dog collar

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Wet_Boots, Aug 26, 2010.


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    regardless they still are a 100 times better than the STL ball rotor and distribute better than any rotor in a comparable design. Plus you can cheat on your spacing and still get great coverage.
  2. Armadillolawncare

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    I thought that green dish was a bird bath that gets refilled every time the zone goes off!
  3. Autoflow

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    A lawn full of those would be attractive. Where do I get some? My kids would love to snap their ankles while playing on the lawn with those things on it.

    I did a new service job a few days ago and had a neighbour come across and ask why I don't make pvc sleeves to slip over the sprinklers so they don't get damaged by the mower. I asked why the original installer didn't install them properly so there is nothing to damage with the mower. Apparently this neighbour mows the lawn for my client. I started digging them up to drop them down lower only to realise the bodgy installer didn't use swing arms either. Nice. :rolleyes:
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    Install upside down to protect those high heads too!
    All kidding aside that thing is a joke. ;)
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    In common Bermuda or St Augustine (see Boots photos) you get layers upon of rhizomes/ stems in a season, especially when cut with rotary mowers, that invade those Maxi Paw cans and hang up those trip levers.

    I can see where those green mini satellite dishes might help around sprayheads too, just to find them. Better than the idiots who spray Roundup around spray heads.
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    I like that. :)
  7. irrig8r

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    Can't argue with that statement one bit.

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    Why are those aggressive rhizomes and stolons there? Cuz the maxipaw is doing such a fabulous job they are doing a group hug. A yearly finger swoop takes care of that problem.

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