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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by firefighter5145, Jan 12, 2010.

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    I know this has to be a redundant post and a lot of the "seasoned vets" have to probably be at your breaking point with reading a few of these a day.
    But here is my situation.

    I am entering my second year of part time mowing (nights & weekends) and trying to approach this with an open mind. I have two accounts locked down for 2010 and was fortunate to receive those through word of mouth of friends. However, the area, like most of you already know from your locals, is extremely saturated with every Harry, Dick, & Joe lawn service.
    I have been contacting businesses and walking door to door (on the warmer days) and trying to speak to potential clients. But I keep running into a lot of the same "Well actually, we already have somebody" or the "Well we have had the same guy for years" (On the majority of commercial accounts).

    Now I know that the time and quality that I put into my work is a hell of a lot better than most around this area and also my price is competive (no low balling here) with others in the area.

    My question is what has been your success in gaining customers whom fall into the realm of "tied down" or "already booked" in the off season. Obviously it is still early and most contracts should be getting close to negotiations.
    My realistic goal is 10-12 weekly accounts with 20 being the absolute maximum that I would wish to service. Any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism or ideas would be much appreciated and well reviewed.

    Thanks in advance,
    Ken Rife, Jr.
    Pinnacle Lawn Service
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    If they already have somebody doing their lawn service just say "if I can ever do anything for you or if you would like to change your lawn care provider please give me a call anytime OK" and hand them a business card!

    That's really all you can do & maybe they do like who they are already using!

    Business cards are cheap and hand them out as much as possible. Some business's have places where you can post them & leave a couple of cards.

    Good Luck
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    Just leave a card.

    If you want to be aggressive you can send a letter the next day thanking them for their time and give them a quote with a layout of services. Best case they compare it to the current rates and your cheaper and call you, middle road they file the quote just in case they have issues later with the current guy, and worse case they toss it or give it to the current guy for a laugh.

    Your easiest target is a new biz that just moved in or built then you become the guy they have when approached. I personally don't bid on a account if I somewhat know the guy doing the work because it can come back to bite you.

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