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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tfilbert, Apr 8, 2005.

  1. tfilbert

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    Got a letter yesterday from a small little burg town located within the Metro area I live in. Seems they want to know how much I have made working with in their little incorportated city. I pay Federal, state, county, and city taxes as it is. I'm really tired of people with their hand in my pocket. Now I admit it gets old paying the 45, 50, 60 dollars to everyone just for the pleasure of providing my service in their area. I try to pay everyone their just but come on. You can't find them listed in the phone book but they think if I set foot there I owe them something. BS! My business is located in a city within a city and I pay both each year so whats up with these little burgs who think they are a town. They don't have seperate fire or police (maybe a rent a cop in a small car they buy themselves) but they provide no services to the local residents. Can't collect taxes except a small stripend from the home owners associations. Yet they think I need to pay them. For what? They have no schools, no hospital, no post office. I may pass this one on to my lawyer but his fee will be more than any possible tax. Anyone else dealing with this?
  2. CamLand

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    ;) ;) ;) ;) :eek: :eek: :eek:
  3. Kickin Your Grass

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    Never heard of the city asking how much we make. They do send us a form each year to list ever peice of equipment the business owns so they can figure how much we owe for business property taxes.
  4. sildoc

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    Yep and I am rapidly aproaching the day to when I will have to start paying the darn tax. :cry:
  5. eshreve1234

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    I have gotten calls from smaller towns since they have "seen" my truck driving through and must assume I am doing work there. Ohio you have, Federal, State, City, County (personal property), and some school districts also have an additional income tax. As one example, lets say you work in Toledo, and live in Liberty Center. Your local tax between all the jurisdictions is 4.75%. After federal and state you could end up paying as much as $.55-.60 on the dollar in tax. We also have to collect sales tax on our services, but I assume that this is more common. Biz tax reform is very needed in OH and many other states.
  6. grassmanvt

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    That's obsurd, I thought Vt. was bad.
  7. specialtylc

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    It sounds like they are wanting you to pay a B&O tax (business and operations). Its just another type of sales tax. We have that where I live. Or they are just wanting you to have a business license in that city jurisdiction.
  8. Richard Martin

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    It's a local income tax. You go into their town, earn money and then go home without paying any local income taxes. Washington D.C. has been trying to get a tax like that enacted for decades but Congress won't approve it. Think of the millions of dollars DC could collect.
  9. Jpocket

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    I would ask a lawyer to be safe, and then forget about it.
  10. Duramax99

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    You don't have to pay people to work in a town. Thats sounds like a scam. I would forget about it.

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